Young Actors Conservatory Audition Submission

Prospective students aiming to audition for The Acting Intensive or Musical Theatre Intensive are required to submit a video for consideration.

For those eager to partake in both The Acting Intensive and The Musical Theatre Intensive, a special discount of $100 off the total tuition cost is available.


  • The Acting Intensive: Prepare a 1-minute monologue of your choosing.
  • The Musical Theatre Intensive: Prepare a musical theatre song of your choice.

PLEASE NOTE: To be considered for both programs, you must include both a 1-minute monologue and a musical theatre song in the same video submission.

WHAT TO INCLUDE IN YOUR VIDEO: Introduce yourself by stating your name, age, and the program(s) you wish to be considered for. Feel free to share insights into your background, experiences, and the reasons driving your interest in participation.


ACCEPTANCE NOTIFICATION: Notification of acceptance will be sent to students 2 weeks subsequent to the submission of their audition video.