The Bible School, is a source of training to help you grow in two very important areas: biblical foundations and the supernatural power of God.

Our three-level program is designed to strengthen your personal relationship with God first, and to develop you into an effective leader in any area you serve at home, work, or ministry.

Level one -           Christian Fundamentals

Level two -           Christian Leadership

Level three -         Biblical Fundamentals

 Two study growth options are available:

1. New Students

  • New Students will complete the curriculum in each level and receive a certificate from the Bible School upon completion. (Certificates will be issued per level during the graduation ceremony.)
  • All courses include an exam. You must earn a 60% or higher to earn credit in each course.
  • There are 10 courses in each certificate level. Each course can be completed within one month(4 weeks).
  • There is a one time $15 Admission Fee

 2. Individual Courses

  • Individual courses are self-paced, without following our program. If you choose to take Individual courses and later decide to enroll in the Bible School as a "student with credit" you will need to retake all courses to receive credit.
  • To view Individual Courses without the need for credit, click here: Individual Courses
If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to reach out to us by phone at
(305) 398-7969 or by email at
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