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Welcome to the Institute to the World! Note that this is a program of study meant for Christian ministries that seek to start their own biblical institute – not for individual persons.

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Is your church a part of the Supernatural Global network? *
If not, are you under the covering of a ministry that is in the New Wine Apostolic Network? *

If so, please indicate the ministry below, as well as the senior pastor’s name, provides you with covering.


I understand that my intention in this program is to establish a Bible Institute based on the Christian faith and the manifestation of the supernatural power of God. I understand that my membership in the “Institute to the World” program of the University of the Supernatural Ministry gives me access to online material that I will have the right to use as long as I am current with my annual membership. If for any reason I do not renew annual membership, I will lose that right even if I previously downloaded and printed the material while I was a member. *
Note: The curriculum that we provide is of a Christian nature. For any legal questions, you should seek legal counsel from a qualified professional. It is important to note that neither the “University of the Supernatural Ministry” nor” King Jesus International Ministry” offers legal advice.

Note: University of the Supernatural Ministry reserves the right to deny membership to the “Institute to the World” program to any entity for any reason.


  • Kindly allow up to five business days for processing.
  • Once we process your application, you will receive an e-mail from us with your user name and password as well as instructions as to how to enter into the institute to the world system.
  • Upon successful login and payment of your annual membership, you will immediately be able to view and download all of the material in the Institute to World program!
  • Should you have any questions or if we could otherwise help you, please contact us via email at or call us at (305) 398-7969.

Membership Information

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