Individual Courses

Individual Courses - School of the Bible: ($35)
3-5 classes per course 
**Bible School Admission: To register to become a Bible School Student, please visit our Bible School webpage:
Individual Courses - USM: ($65)
Upto 12 classes per course
To earn your degree in ministry,
apply now by visiting our webpage:

Important Information

  • If you are an active USM or Bible School student, please do NOT use this page to register.
  • Registering and paying for this class does not make you a USM or Bible School student, and does not guarantee or increase your probability of being admitted into USM, should you decide to become an official student in the future.
  • If you enter USM as an official student in the future, this course will not count towards the requirements that you need in order to graduate. You will need to retake the class to receive credit, since you are currently taking the course as a listener and without credit.
  • USM reserves the right to deny entrance to this course, to any person, for any reason.
  • The cost for this class is a one-time charge and is not reimbursable or transferable.
  • These courses will be provided to you online. An email will be sent with the courses.
For assistance, please call our offices during business hours (9 A.M. - 5 P.M. ) from Monday through Friday at 305-398-7969 or email us at

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