Individual Courses

The courses presented in this form are intended for anyone who is interested in maturing in their walk with Christ and train in the Supernatural.
The Bible School courses are for all believers to train in the word and the power of God.
USM courses are university level courses that train and equip students for their calling and purpose. 
Individual Courses- Bible School 
3-5 classes per course 
($45/course) 🛈
**Bible School Admission:
To register to become a Bible School Student,
please visit our Bible School webpage:
Individual Courses - USM: 
10-12 classes per course
($90/course) 🛈
**To earn your degree in ministry,
apply now by visiting our webpage:
For assistance, please call our offices during business hours (9 A.M. - 4 P.M. ) from Monday through Friday at 305-398-7969 or email us at