USM: Supernatural Immersive Experience

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Next Dates: 
January 15-26
June 11-22
COST: $1,000

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Please do not leave blanks, place "N/A" if the information is not applicable.
Please include information of your emergency contact/s.
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Provide the name of two character references and their contact information.
(Note: Personal references may not be relatives. Preferably one of them must be your pastor or minister).


I understand that this application is made to receive an Immersive Supernatural Experience, through an intense Internship Program  at the University of the Supernatural Ministry.  I recognize that registering in and paying for this intenship program does not make me a USM student, and does not guarantee or increase the probability of my being admitted into USM, should I decide to become an official student in the future.

If you enter USM as an official student in the future, the training and/or classes that you will receive will count towards the requirements that you need in order to graduate.
Note: The University of the Supernatural Ministry reserves the right to deny admission to any study/internship program.

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As part of the application, you must submit a signed copy of the following: 
     1. Code of Conduct
     2. Agreement to Release and Indemnify

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