Parking assignment is based on the youngest child in the family. Kindergarten and First grade will be assigned areas closest to the door they are dismissed from to aid in speed of dismissal.  All other grades are based on students grades and what makes the most sense to allocate the spaces we have for parking and the family make up of student grades.  In general, elementary will be assigned to the elementary lot, middle school to the middle school lot and 8th grade to the church lot, but it is not the case for all. PLEASE park in the lot you are assigned to at the start of each school year.
This form provides information to facilitate Parking assignment and Walker tag* distribution.  Please complete by August 1, 2019.  
*  At NO time is a parent to pick a child up on Ice Pond Road, walk through neighbors' property to the cul de sac in the neighborhood near "Lade St. Theresa" or have a child walk down the driveway to Broadlands Boulevard to be picked up.  The safest and ONLY authorized dismissal route for students who are being picked up is from the three parking lots.  St. Theresa School will accept no liability or responsibility for any non-walker children who leave school property in any way other than in a vehicle from the parking lot.
If a non-walker attempts to leave the property on foot, a teacher or staff member may direct the child back to the front lobby of the school where he or she may be met by a parent.  This is to avoid panicked children attempting to find parents who are late and are not parked in the lot.  Staff will follow the standard format of having the child sign the log in the lobby and wait for a parent to pick the child up.
Only walkers will be allowed to cross the property line onto Ice Pond.  St. Theresa School will accept no liability for students who leave the property to be picked up on Ice Pond.  These children are unsupervised by St. Theresa School staff and the school has no way of knowing that your child was picked up by a responsible adult.
A walker is defined as a student who can walk to their home without having to cross Ashburn Farm Parkway, Claiborne Parkway or Broadlands Boulevard.
The school playground is not open at dismissal time since it delays the dismissal process.  Families are welcome to return to the playground once all the cars have emptied from the lot.

ALL families (Returning and New) are asked to complete all sections of this form.

Grades for the 2019/2020 school year for my children: *

Check all that apply (ex:  if you carpool and also use after-school childcare then you would check both boxes). 

If you are a RETURNING FAMILY or NEW FAMILY and would like to find someone to carpool with, please email the school office ( with the following information:  Your Name, where you live, the number of children you have, and the best way to contact you.  Your request will be included in the school newsletter.

What is your parking/carpool status?  (See Definitions Below): *

Definition of Parking Status

Carpool - I carpool with another family.  Please enter the carpool information below.

Do Not Carpool - I do not carpool with another family, but will be picking up my child from school.

Walker - My child is a WALKER and needs a walker badge.  A walker is defined as a student who can walk to their home without having to cross Ashburn Farm Parkway, Broadlands Blvd., or Claiborne Parkway.

After-School Childcare - My child will be attending after-school childcare either at school or will be transported by van/bus to another facility.  Please enter the information below for the program that your child will be going to.

Carpool Information

If you will be carpooling with another family, please enter the last name of the family in your carpool and the grades their children are in.  If you are carpooling with more than one family, you may enter both names in the same field.

After-School Care Information

If your child will be attending an After-School Care program (other than STS Extended Daycare), please provide the following information regarding your After-School care provider.