2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

St. Paul says “There are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service but the same Lord; and there are varieties of working, but it is the same God who inspires them all in every one.To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” 

St. Theresa Catholic School is a wonderful place for our children to grow academically and spiritually.  We believe that parent involvement and participation in school activities is necessary to provide the many academic and extracurricular services offered by the school to our children and staff.  

Family Service Hours are required of each family enrolled at St. Theresa School.  Each family at St. Theresa School is required to complete 16 hours of family service during the academic year.  The student obligation of any service hours is not included in the family service requirement.  

If, however, your family is unable to participate, you may choose to buy out of the commitment for $25.00 per hour or $400 per family for the year but we are encouraging ALL families to participate at some level in the Family Service Commitment Program.  If you choose to buy out, please send a NON-REFUNDABLE CHECK to the office and indicate the payment reflects your family's contribution toward the Family Service Commitment Program by September 30, 2018.  

Parents/guardians who partially complete their service hours by the end of the school year must submit a check for the remaining hours not completed at $25 an hour.  

Below is a list of service opportunities for the 2018/2019 school year.   Please select what areas you are interested in helping with.  Sign up for as many items as you would like.  You will be contacted during the school year by the coordinators to check on specific availability as the event/activity occurs.  There are many service opportunities available during the school day, after the school day or at home so hopefully you will be able to find an area for your talents.  

Please visit the school's website at https://stsashburn.com/parent-resources/fscp/ for important information regarding the Family Service Commitment Program. 

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Auction:  The Spring Auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year.  Please select what areas you are interested in working on below. 
Art Works: The Coordinator will collect orders and distribute the Artworks projects once they arrive.  This program is run only in the fall.   
Alumni Committee - Assist with the Alumni Committee will help reach out to our alumni and plan social events. 
Band Parent:  Coordinate the scheduling, events, food, collection of money for the band program.  (NOTE:  Must have a child in the band program) 
Banners:  Maintain banner in the school lobby by the gym throughout the year. 
Battle of the Books Coordinator:  Responsible for working with the Librarian on Battle of the Books.  
Birthday Board:  Responsible for decorating and maintaining the monthly birthday bulletin board located outside the office.   
Box Tops Coordinator:  Great opportunity to work on from home!  Box Tops coordinator counts and packages box tops from students and submits them to General Mills by the October and March deadlines so the school can receive CASH!  Coordinator often promotes fundraising opportunity and runs contests throughout the year to see which class turns in the most box tops — nominal prizes to the winner. Parents will assist by counting box tops. 
Book Fairs: Help with set-up/take down and assist during the school book fairs. 
Buddy Bingo: Coordinate Buddy Bingo which is held 3 times a year during the day at school. Families members are needed to assist with these events. 
Buddy Picnic Day:  Held towards the end of school during the school day.   Assistance is needed in the kitchen, cafeteria and outside. 
Building Support:  Help out with building projects such as hanging basketball nets, wall cabinets, special projects, etc.  Also help clean up after Middle School dances and help put out and re-rack chairs for evening events. 
Bulletin Board Decorators:  Help decorate and maintain 4 - 5 bulletin boards with school events and activities throughout the year. 
Catholic Schools Week - Help with the events planned during Catholic Schools Week held in January/February. 
Dance Chaperones - Chaperone the middle school dances which are held at St. Theresa School. 
Discover Catholic Schools Week - Coordinator is responsible for planning student activities to promote Catholic School Education. 
Elf Workshop - The Elf Workshop is an annual event where students can visit the workshop and purchase gifts for the families. Parents are needed to help set-up, assist students with their purchases, gift selections to meet budgets, and wrapping of the gifts. 
Fall Festival - Help with the games or walk with the classes during Fall Festival which is held in the fall at STS during school hours. Please select one of the choices below. 
Family Bingo - Coordinate Family Bingo nights to be held twice a year, in the fall and spring. 
Family Skate Night - Coordinate the Family Skate Nights at the Ashburn Ice House held in November and February. 
Field Day - Help with the games or walk with the classes during Field Day which is held in the spring at STS during school hours. Please select one from the choices below. 
First Holy Communion Breakfast - Coordinate the First Holy Communion Breakfast with Father Guest to be held in the Spring. This includes shopping, set-up, serving and clean-up. Volunteers will help with this event. NOTE: This volunteer opportunity is available to 3rd grade parents only. 
Food Receipts - Assist in tallying receipts including Giant, Super Fresh, Safeway, Harris Teeter, Wegman's, Blooms, etc. Can be done at home. 
Garden Club - Mrs. Green is looking for parents who are interested in gardening and possibly showing the kids how to plant, parts of a plant, etc. 
Hospitality - Help with the various school activities throughout the year.  School Hospitality includes teacher luncheons,  teacher appreciation, purchasing gifts/flowers as requested, etc.  PTO Hospitality includes PTO meetings, Open Houses, performances, purchasing gifts/flowers as requested, etc. 
Hot Lunch Duty  - Parents that would be interested in helping with hot lunch.  Hot lunch consists of helping to set up the meals (all meals are catered), checking meal cards and helping students with condiments. 
Innisbrook Fundraising - Work with local Innisbrook representative to kick off the new school year to promote Innisbrook products and Helen Grace Chocolates.  This activity takes place in the fall. 
Kindergarten Graduation Reception - Volunteers are needed to help set-up, serve and clean-up for the Kindergarten Graduation.  NOTE: This volunteer opportunity is available to 1st grade parents only.   
Lace Up For Learning: Help with processing information and participants for the 5k race in Brambelton. 
Lions Screening Test - Assist with the students on the day the Lions Screening Test is scheduled. 
Lost and Found – Coordinator: At the end of each quarter, the coordinator will separate lost and found items. Items with labels would need to be returned to the appropriate family, STS items will need to be washed and donated to the Used Uniform sale and all other items will be taken and donated to the Good Shepherd Alliance. 
Marketing Committee - Looking for parents who are interested in being part of the STS Marketing Committee.  This group of people will help STS market to local preschools, follow up with prospective families, and review current marketing materials.   This also include marketing via social media. 
Morning Drop-Off Volunteer - Parent volunteers are needed in the morning from 7:35am - 8:05am to help with the morning drop-off during school days. 
Mobile Science Night - Children's Science Center will be visiting St. Theresa School in November to hold a "Mobile Science Night". Volunteers are needed to help make this event a success! 
Music for Mass - Provide music during school Masses. 
New Family Buddy - Become a buddy for a new family to the school. Will show the new family the "ropes" of our school. 
Night at the Movies - The coordinator will organize a night at the movies, once in the fall and once the spring. 
Office Helper - Help out in the office as needed; door greeter, answering phones, sorting, stuffing envelopes, copying, etc. There will be opportunities for things to be done at home as well. 
Open House - The coordinator will work with the admissions office to coordinate the fall and/or winter Open Houses held here at STS.  You will be working closely with the PTO, Hospitality Committee, and Student Council students, parent and teacher volunteers, and the office staff.  Volunteers will help during the fall/winter open houses held at STS, mainly talking with prospective students. 
Picture Day - Volunteers will help the classes with school pictures. 
Restaurant/Business Card Fundraiser - Coordinate the Restaurant/Busines card fundraiser which will be held at the beginning of the school year.  Responsible for organizing and getting volunteers to sell cards at Masses and Back to School Nights.  Track all cards distributed and sold. 
Room Parent Coordinator - Works with the teachers to assign room parents to their classes. Meets with room parents and explain the role of being a room parent. Help room parents with questions and keep them up to date with any information they may need. Work with the room parents to make sure the grade service projects are completed. 
Room Parent - Assist with field trips, class celebrations, provide volunteers for the various school events throughout the school year, etc. If you have more than one child at school and have a preference for which grade you would prefer to volunter in, please select that grade below.   
St. Jude's Math-a-thon - Coordinate student permission slips, pledges, distributing workbooks, and funds for the St. Jude's Math-a-thon. 
School Supply Packs - Assist with the distribution of the school packs in August during Open House. 
Science Fair Volunteers - To assist in the duties of planning and logistics for the Science Fair. To help assist with organization of student set-up, cafeteria set-up, and judge organization before, during and after the Science Fair. To help after the science fair, enter all judge score sheets and create comment sheets from the judges for each student. 
Spirit Fundraisers - Help organize fundraisers each month (for a total of 10) at different restaurants/venues. Will also be responsible for putting together marketing materials for the events to go out via email. 
Spirit Wear - The coordinator will be responsible for ordering approved spirit wear, collect and fullfill orders, tracking all orders and money received.  They will also schedule volunteers to sell spirit wear at school events including Open House, Back to School, Spirit Days and the day before all spirit days.  
Talent Show - Help with the Talent Show in the spring. 
Walk-A-Thon - The coordinator will organize the fall Walk-A-Thon and volunteers will help with the planning and execution of the event. 
Used Uniforms - The coordinator will organize the Used Uniform sales held several times a year. School members will help with set-up, clean-up, sort, assist with the Used Uniforms sale. 
Yearbook - Assist with putting together the annual yearbook. Meetings every week from September through February after school. You will be working with the Middle School students who volunteer. 
Outside Fundraising - Assist in the research and applying for Grants and Corporate Sponsorships. 
8th Grade Graduation Reception - Plan and organize the 8th Grade Graduation Reception. Includes purchasing the food, set-up, serving and clean-up. NOTE: Only 7th grade parents may assist with this event.
8th Grade Parent Dinner- Plan and organize the 8th Grade Parent Dinner. Parents will help set-up, serving, and clean-up.  This event will be held the week before 8th grade graduation.  
K-5 Science Lab - Assist the Science Teacher in the K-5 Science Lab during classtime.
Helping Hands Coordinator - The Coordinator will seek members from the school community to help other school families during time of need.  This could include help carpooling for a sick parent, cooking meals, setting play dates, etc.