2019 St. Silouan Monastery Work Project

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Roommate Preference

Male participants will be staying in tents in the monastery and female participants will be staying at an family residence close by. All participants are required to bring their own sleeping bag.  Please enter your roomate preferences below and try to accomodate if able.


Do you require transportation to or from the airport? *
For questions about transportation please e-mail wadiocesesocial@gmail.com or call Fr. Paul Volmensky at 916-730-2680
If you are flying in please fly into San Francisco or Sacremento airport no later that June 17th.

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Required Health Form

Parent/Guardian information
Emergency Contact (if parent/guardian cannot be reached)
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Health History
Does your child suffer or has your child suffered from any of the following: *
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Food Alergy (list below)
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Should my child(ren) require minor medical treatment (for headache, scrapes, coughs, burns, etc.), I give permission to the nursing staff to administer over-the-counter medicine and/or herbal products. 

Signature of parent/guardian *


By signing this waiver form, I agree to and acknowledge the following: 

I request that the child that I have listed on this form be permitted to participate in the WAD Work Week Program.

I understand that (children) working with tools has inherent risks, and I release and discharge WAD Youth Committee and St. Siloan's Monastery its principals, parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates, and their employees, subcontractors, volunteers, and agents from any and all claims, causes of action, and demands of any kind, whether known or unknown, which I or the child may ever have or allege in the future, which are based on, arise from or are related to the inherent risks of child participation in woodworking.

I certify that my child  listed hereon do not have any physical, mental or behavioral condition or disease that could pose a danger to the child or to any of the other children participating in the Wad Work Week Program.

I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Wad Youth Committee, St. Siloan's Monastery and or Wad Work Week Program and its affiliates, volunteers, and employees of any and all claims arising from the participation in activities or as a result of injury or illness during such activities. I have read the Waiver Form and I am fully aware of its contents.

In the event my child should become ill, or sustain(s) an injury while in the care of Wad Work Week Administrators , I, the undersigned parent or guardian, grant authority to the program administrator, nurse, or official to act on my behalf in obtaining any medical treatment that may be necessary.

Signature of parent/guardian *

Code of Conduct

As a participant of the WAD Work Week Program, I realize that I represent the WAD Youth Committee and the Russian Orthodox Church in all activities held at the on the vehicles provided for transportation, restaurants, and anywhere else the program may take the participants. My personal behavior will reflect the way people perceive the Russian Orthodox Church as a whole. I therefore will:

1.          Attend ALL scheduled program activities;

2.          Respect all clergy, work program coordinators, and volunteers;

3.          Treat all that I come into contact, with respect and love;

4.          Dress appropriately for all activities

5.          Attire for Church Services: Females: modest skirts/dresses and head coverings; Males: long pants/slacks and collared shirts;

6.          Listen to music appropriate to a Church sponsored event and use appropriate language at all times;

7.          I will abide by the curfew set by the WAD Youth Committee and respect the quiet time set forth by the Monastery.

8.          I will abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the WAD Youth Committee and St. Siloan Monastery.


I realize that there are certain things that will not be tolerated at the WAD Work Week Program and I promise not to partake in any of the following activities:


10.        I will not acquire, distribute or consume alcoholic beverages.

11.        I will not acquire, distribute or consume narcotics of any kind or any illegal drugs.

12.        I will not verbally, physically or emotionally assault/abuse others

13.        I will not engage in public displays of affection, and will act appropriately at ALL times.


The members of WAD Youth Committee reserve the right to inspect any facilities where conference attendees reside and any of their personal belongings for the safety and well being of all conference participants.

Any criminal actions will be brought to the attention of the local Authorities.

As a participant at the WAD Work Week Program, I promise to abide by this Code of Conduct. 

Signature of Conference Attendee *

As a parent of a minor child attending the WAD Work Week Program, I am aware of, and agree to the Code of Conduct as stated above and whatever disciplinary action is decided upon by the WAD Youth Committee, will be abided by. If my child is expelled from the program, I agree to pay any transportation costs associated with him/her being transported home.

Signature of parent/guardian *
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