Scope of Work (SOW) Form for Training Project or Event

Thanks for your interest in Radware training. To provide the best possible experience for your training project or event, we need your input. 
Please complete this form to tell us your requirements. You can select a standard training offering or slightly modify an existing agenda to more closely fit your needs. This process will also help to establish a mutual understanding and expectation for a successful engagement.
Submit the form at least three (3) weeks in advance to allow us enough time to plan and meet your training objectives.
Thanks in advance for your timely form submission. A training representative will contact you to review your information.
For questions, please contact
Radware Training & Certification

Scope of Work (SOW) Form Disclosure

This SOW describes services to be performed by Radware as well as responsibilities of the organization ("Company") completing this form. The form must be submitted by an authorized Company representative with signing authority for same at least three (3) weeks in advance of the proposed start date to allow sufficient time for review, collaboration, and/or scheduling by Radware. If this SOW form is submitted less than three (3) weeks in advance of the scheduled training date, training will be conducted in accordance with Radware’s standard content, and no adjustments or changes will be implemented.
This SOW is intended as a benefit to the Company by helping to establish a mutual understanding, expectation, and obligation for the training project or event. In addition, this completed form will serve to meet any invoicing requirements upon completion of the SOW.
Radware Responsibilities

Radware will provide up-to-date training materials in soft copy and a qualified instructor to meet the Company’s learning objectives described in this form. All Travel and Expenses for Radware are included in the total cost of the training provided, unless there is a change in the Scope of Work. The trainer shall have instructional knowledge of Company’s processes, procedures, and the product offering. The training will be specific to the tools, goals, processes and procedures outlined within this document for the Company’s training event.  Radware will provide a central coordination point of contact for students and Radware staff to ensure the training runs smoothly. Additionally, students shall register in Radware’s learning management system prior to the start of the event to facilitate attendance monitoring and any required testing activity during and following the event.

Sufficient documentation that can be provided electronically, such as: slide decks, whitepapers, logical diagrams, data center diagrams, and information shall be provided to students during the event.

Training content shall be developed by and remain the sole property of Radware.
Company Responsibilities

Company will submit a completed SOW Form at least three (3) weeks in advanced of the proposed start date.

Company is responsible for compliance with On-site Requirements. Broadband access should be unrestricted as some of the management systems may use non-standard ports or protocols for required functions. Company must allow Radware to designate virtual lab access for the full duration of the session to provide students the opportunity to practice the learned skills. Further, Company is responsible for having students attend all days of the training to ensure that learning objectives can be achieved. While class is in session, it is agreed that computer usage by students will be restricted to performing training and practical exercises. Only training-related work shall be performed during class in an effort to focus 100% of the student’s attention on the learning objectives. 

Company will provide a single point of contact for coordination for all training discussions and orchestration as well as designate a backup when the Company contact is not available.

Company shall notify Radware in writing of any scheduling change no less than 2 weeks prior to the originally scheduled training dates. In case a scheduling change is requested less than 2 weeks before the first day of training, Company shall be responsible for any increase associated with travel costs. If the event is cancelled less than 2 weeks before the scheduled training date, Company will be subject to a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total training cost to cover class preparation and losses related to travel.
Note: This SOW Form and/or Disclosure are subject to change at any time without notice.
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