2018 Chignik Management Area Sockeye Salmon Disaster

Harvesters: Direct payments to 2018 CFEC Chignik salmon seine permit card holders and seine vessel crew who meet all eligibility criteria.
1) Permit Holders: CFEC commercial salmon permits, CFEC commercial vessel license data, and ADF&G fish ticket data from commercial Chignik Sockeye Salmon landings will be used to determine eligibility and payment for permit holders.
2) Vessel Crew Members: ADF&G commercial crew license, CFEC permit information and crew contracts and/or skipper affidavit will be used to determine eligibility for vessel crew.
*MUST use the skipper affidavt found on our website. Alternative forms will NOT be accepted. 
                                               APPLICANT SECTOR
Are you applying as a 2018 Chignik salmon permit holder, seine vessel crew member, or processor?
*Tenders, pilots, and other support functions were NOT included in the ADF&G's spend plan.  *

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*Applicants whose submissions include errors and/or omissions will be granted a 2-week grace period which will begin on the date that Commission staff call or email you. Please ensure your contact information is correct. Those who fail to adequately respond will be disqualified. 
1. S01L permit card holders with intent to participate in the 2018 fishery.
Those individuals who received a 2018 S01L permit card embossed by the CFEC.

2. Permit holder must have made Chignik Sockeye Salmon landings in 2015, 2016, or 2017.
If permit holder was new in 2018, then the transferred permit must have been active in all years 2015 - 2017.
Distribution for permit holders will be permit-based where funds are paid to the individual named on the CFEC commercial fishing permit card in 2018.
  • Each permit holder who meets the eligibility criteria will receive a minimum payment of $40,000, except those eligible permit holders who were registered on the same vessel in 2018. The total payment for eligible permit holders registered on the same vessel will be divided based on the proportion of each permit holder’s sockeye salmon landings from 2015-2017 on that vessel. Sixty-seven permit holders across 65 vessels are estimated to be eligible for disaster funds based on the proposed criteria.

  • The remaining permit holder funds will be distributed to permit holders who did not make landings in another 2018 salmon seine fishery based on the following four tiers. Eight eligible permit holders made landings in another salmon seine fishery in 2018 and would not be eligible for a portion of the remaining permit holder funds.
Four tiers are established based on the average annual pounds of commercial sockeye salmon landed by
each permit holder in their best two of three years (2015 to 2017). If the permit holder made landings in
only one of the three years, then that year will be used. New permit holders in 2018 (two permits) will be
in the lowest tier. Twenty-five percent of the remaining permit holder pool will be allocated to each tier
and each eligible permit holder in the same tier would receive an equal payment.
Average landings (best 2 of 3 years) Remaining permit
holder funds
Est. number of eligible
permit holders
1 ≥184,500 pounds 25% 8
2 148,000 - 184,499 pounds 25% 10
3 99,000 - 147,999 pounds 25% 14
4 ≤98,999 pounds 25% 25
Permit holders
Please note that the allocation of funds for eligible vessel crew members is a seperate pool of funding, unaffected by your or other permit holder's participation.
We kindly request that you spread the word to these individuals should you have the means to do so as no official notifications will be sent. Without a crew contract, those who participated or had planned to participate in the 2018 Chignik salmon season will require a signed affidavit from the permit holder or vessel license holder who had employed or had intended to employee specific crew members.
We kindly request your participation and assistance identifying these crew members. 
Vessel crew that meet the criteria are eligible to receive an equal payment from the crew member pool. The intent is to identify those crew who demonstrated intent to participate during the 2018 season.
Eligibility criteria for vessel crew:
1. Crew member must have held a 2018 commercial crew license or 2018 CFEC permit for any fishery.
This information will be verified using the ADF&G Licensing database and the CFEC permit database.

2. Crew member must provide information to show intent to participate as vessel crew in the 2018 commercial Chignik salmon fishery for a qualified permit holder, based on 2018 crew contract or affidavit from the permit holder or vessel owner.

3. Crew member must not be eligible for fishery disaster funds under another category of this distribution plan.
*Please note, those who held a "7-day Crew license" or are foreign nationals do not qualify for this relief program.
Crew members must have held a 2018 commercial crew license or 2018 CFEC permit for any fishery. I held a 2018 commercial crew license or a 2018 CFEC fishery permit. *

I attest that I held a 2018 commercial crew license issued by the Alaska Dept. Fish and Wildlife (ADF&G).

*Your first and last name will be cross checked against a complete listing of individuals who held a 2018 ADF&G issued commercial crew license. Please note, additional information may be requested of you. 


Information collected below, which is required from every individual/business requesting disaster relief, will be used to generate 1099-MISC forms at the end of the calendar year. All funds are reported and taxable per the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). PSMFC will maintain all required documentation information in our official files for audit purposes.
All funds are subject to income and self-employment taxes. Funds are also subject to any wage garnishment requests received by the Commission. 
What is the federal tax classification of the person/entity whose name is listed on this application?
(See IRS W-9 Form for more information) *
I certify that this application is true and accurate and that I am eligible for the 2018 Chignik management area Sockeye Salmon Fishery Disaster. *
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