2018 Gulf of Alaska Pacific Cod Fishery Disaster

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Harvesters: This plan allocates 10% off the top for vessel crew and then subdivides the remaining harvester funds among six fishery sectors based on gear and operation type: pot catcher vessels (CVs), jig vessels, longline CVs, longline catcher processors (CPs), trawl CVs, and trawl CPs.

Eligibility criteria and distribution of funds within each sector are developed based on input from participants within each sector and are therefore not consistent across all sectors.
The five-year (2013-2017) average exvessel value of the GOA Pacific cod fishery for catcher vessels is $39.5 million dollars and the exvessel value of the 2018 fishery was $10.7 million dollars, for a total estimated loss due to the disaster of $28.8 million. The funds allocated to the harvesting sector are intended to mitigate this loss by providing funds to bring the harvesting sector up to 50% of their recent historic value.

A pool for vessel crew members will be established with 10% of the harvester funds. The remaining harvester funds (90%) will be allocated among six fishery harvesting sectors.

                                               APPLICANT SECTOR
Fishery Sectors (90% of harvester pool): Eligibility criteria and fund distribution are informed by data from the NOAA Fisheries Catch Accounting Database, ADF&G fish tickets, and the comments received from sector stakeholders.

Permit-based distributions for the jig sector will be paid to the individual named on the CFEC commercial fishing permit.

Vessel-based distributions for all other sectors will be paid to the person or entity named as the vessel owner on the 2018 CFEC commercial vessel license.

Allocations to each of the six fishery harvesting sectors are based on the proportion of each sector’s loss resulting from the 2018 fishery disaster. ADF&G used wholesale value rather than exvessel value to compare relative loss across all harvesting sectors because the harvesting sectors includes both CVs and CPs. The loss to each sector is determined by comparing the 5-year average adjusted wholesale value (2013 to 2017) to the 2018 wholesale value as shown in the following table:

Sector Average Wholesale Value (2013-2017) 2018 Wholesale Value 2018 Value Compared to Average Value Value of Loss Proportion of Total Loss
Pot CV $52,637,455 $17,298,472 -68% $36,338,983 51%
Jig CV and CP $3,366,800 $688,894 -80% $2,677,906 4%
Longline CV $8,586,895 $2,976,148 -65% $5,610,746 8%
Trawl CV $23,702,145 $2,990,845 -87% $20,711,300 29%
Longline CP $7,467,919 $2,544,996 -66% $4,922,923 7%
Trawl CP $1,203,113 $555,932 -54% $650,182 1%
Total $96,964,327 $27,055,287 -72% $70,912,040 100%

Vessel crew (10% of harvester pool):
Vessel crew that meet the criteria are eligible to receive an equal payment from the vessel crew pool. The intent is to identify those crew who participated during the 2018 season and were impacted by the fishery disaster.

Eligibility criteria for vessel crew:
1. Crew member MUST have held a 2018 commercial crew license or 2018 CFEC permit for any fishery. This information will be verified using the ADF&G Licensing database and the CFEC permit database.

2. Crew member MUST have worked for a permit holder (jig sector) or vessel (pot, longline, and trawl sectors) that is eligible to receive funds for the 2018 Pacific cod fishery disaster. This information will be verified based on crew contract, crew settlement, or 1099-MISC tax form from 2018.

3. Crew member MUST NOT be eligible for fishery disaster funds under another category of this distribution plan. Based on an estimate of the number of vessels that would qualify under the proposed eligibility criteria and a coarse estimate of the average number of crew utilized by each operation type, approximately 600 crew members may qualify under this category.

(Fishery Sector applicants were mailed paper applications identifying your eligiblity)

Vessel-based distributions for all other sectors will be paid to the person or entity named as the vessel owner on the 2018 CFEC commercial vessel license.

Alternatives will not be accepted. Any contractual agreements made between private parties is outside the scope of this relief program. 

Those unsure may visit: https://www.cfec.state.ak.us/plook/#vessels

Is the vessel owner on the 2018 CFEC commercial vessel license for which you are applying as an individial person or are they a business*
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