2022 Fun with Friends Festival

Please see the warm up times available BEFORE selecting your dates.
*Please choose  3 different dates so we can fit your ensemble on our schedule.*
Please see the warm up times available BEFORE selecting your dates.
Ensemble names on trophy(ies): (Only the ensemble name, please. I.E. Hill Elementary Choir) Please click on the green plus sign for each trophy ensemble name.
Festival Agreement:
By checking the box, you agree and understand the following:
A. NON-REFUNDABLE REGISTRAITON FEE(S): $150 per performing time is due within 30 business days of receiving the registration invoice if registering prior to January and due within 15 business days if registering after January.  This will guarantee your festival date and time requested. This is not a deposit and is not applied towards the participation fee.  This is a non-refundable fee but may be forwarded to the following year, if needed.  The registration fee may be paid by school check or CC (service fee will be included with CC).  
B. PARTICIPATION FEE: $30 per person (N. Dallas, DFW/Mid Cities, Houston, Austin, Temple) PARTICIPATION PAYMENT: 50% of participation payment is due 90 days prior to your festival date.  The final participation payment is due by the scheduled festival date. It will need to be mailed 30 days prior to the scheduled festival date OR brought to the festival.  If payment is made at the festival, it must be by school/admin check or credit card (service fee will be included with CC).  Purchase Orders WILL NOT be accepted at the festival.
E. CHANGES: An increase or decrease in participation numbers and audience numbers must be made by email. Please inform us of the correct number of participants 30 days prior to your scheduled festival date. You may increase your numbers by a few at the festival, however, a decrease will not be allowed the day of the festival.  We do not give refunds.
F.  REFUNDS FOR CANCELING: 50% refund if canceling 90 days prior to your festival date.
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