Join or renew one or all of the 27 regional promotional products industry associations through the Universal Regional Membership Application (URMA).


This site collects the basic membership information asked for on regional membership applications. New and renewal memberships for all types can be processed through this site.

Click HERE for a listing of the 2021 dues charged by each regional for every type of membership they accept. If business service, marketing firm, or multi-line rep is not specifically listed for a particular regional, sign up as a supplier.

Each regional association reserves the right to reject any membership that does not meet their membership requirements; the regional association will refund any dues paid through this site if you are not eligible for membership.

Click here to view the interative regional association map.

Note: Payment accepted using these credit cards only:  Visa, Mastercard and Discover
A transaction fee to cover processing fees will be charged. Full dues amount is sent to each regional assocation selected.

Questions: Please contact PPAI at 972.258.3068

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