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Participant Information

I am an ........ in horseback riding *
Current Riding student at Pony Gang Equestrian Service? *
I would like to become a Student at Pony Gang after Camp *

Household / Adult Primary Contact

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Available Camps  

7-Day or 14-Day Overnight Camp:  Sunday  6:00 pm (Drop of time) - Saturday 12:00 pm (Pick up time)  

Early Drop off earliest 5:00 pm (extra charge)                   

All Children must be picked up on Saturday at 12pm!



7-Day Camp   $ 680.00*

14-Day Camp   $ 1300.00*

Early Dop off   $ 20   

*Activity Fees cover most cost to program, but extra cost could appear for special planned arts and crafts, admissions for field trips during Camp week. Please contact the Office to see what is planned for the camp week you plan to sign up and if extra cost will appear. 

Ø  Campers should bring Riding helmet (if owned. If not riding helmet can be rented for $ 15 the week from us)  


Failed payments of any kind will be charged a $100 Administration Fee and the amount due (inc. administration fee) has to be paid in cash within 24 hours. 


Check our Website first for available Camp weeks, before signing up. Our Webpage is always up to date on which Camp week's are full and which still have available Spots.
Should you miss to check our Website and sign up for a Camp week that is already full, with your signature on this form you agree that you accept that your Registration Camp dates are automatically changed to the next open Camp session! 
Thank you!
Attending 7-Day Overnight Camp weeks (Please select none, if you only sign up for Multiply Camps) *
Attending Overnight Camp weeks (Please select none, if you only sign up for Multiply Camps) *
Early Drop off required?


Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

We would like to share some information regarding the health and safety of your child.

 Food Allergies, Lunch & Snacks: Campers will have a 60 minutes lunch break from approximately 12 noon to 1:00pm and will be able to consume their lunch in the tent, break area or in a shady area. Note that cold water  will be made available throughout the camp day.

 Sun burns / Sun strokes: As most activities occur outside, it is a good idea for Campers to use sunscreen and wear a cap or a helmet when riding and dealing hands-on with the horses. Please send lotion with your child. Apply the first coating at home and we will subsequently re-apply if needed. Note that shaded areas and drinking water are available throughout the camp day.

 Footwear: All campers must wear strong, hiking type shoes, preferably low-heel boots. No flip flops, sneakers or open-toe shoes will be permitted around the horses or in the barn area.

 Ticks and insect bites: While our staff will remain as diligent as possible to ensure that your child remains tick-free, we ask parents to check their children for ticks on a nightly basis. If you would like your child to be sprayed with an insect repellent, please send it with your child along with a note including your instructions. A product with less than I 0% DEET such as scientistic or OFF is what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends. Be aware that when on the trails, bee or wasp stings can happen and we should be made aware of allergies to such. It is recommended that children allergic to bee stings wear a long sleeved shirt while riding on the trails.

 Illnesses and Injuries: If your child becomes ill, sick or injured during the camp, (s)he will be brought to the First Aid station located at our Farm. Should the camper run a fever or have a communicable disease or request you to pick him/her up, you will be called to arrange for an early pick up in order to ensure that your child gets the proper parental attention while managing a healthy environment for the other campers and our staff. If your child suffers a minor injury, (s)he will be treated at our first aid station by one of our staff members. If the injury requires more than a band-aid or an ice pack, our staff will contact First Aid Responders then you to discuss the extent of the injury and the potential treatment.

A Consent Form is enclosed in this package: Please fill out and forward it to us prior to the start of camp.

 Early drop-offs Late pick-ups : These can be arranged in advance with our Office. There is a $20 fee  for any child who arrives prior to 6:00 pm on Sunday's, or is picked up after 12:00 pm the following Saturday. During this time, there are no special activities organized for the children. We will, however, provide a Counsellor to oversee the pre-camp and after-camp children activities.

We are looking forward to a fun, safe and healthy summer experience for our campers and staff!

Payment Information


I hereby give permission to Stefanie Terebayza and Pony Gang Equestrian Services staff to transport the child named above off camp property for the purpose of medical care or program activities as deemed appropriate by the Camp Director. In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I give permission to the physician selected by the Camp Director to hospitalize, secure proper treatment, and order injection, aesthetic or surgery for the child named above. I understand that Stefanie Terebayza and Pony Gang Equestrian Services does not provide accident/medical insurance for the child named above. Medical bills, including prescription drugs, will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian named in this registration.

Rules for campers are the same for all without regard to race, color, national origin, gender or disability. I understand that all campers will be treated as individuals and respect will be shown for a range of abilities and behaviours. I agree that Stefanie Terebayza and Pony Gang Equestrian Services staff reserves the right to dismiss a child from camp whose special needs they are not able to provide for or whose conduct is not in the best interest of the camp community, without refund. I will notify the director if my child has any serious restrictions related to his/her participation in the camp program.

I am aware of the following policies regarding camp fees: With submitting this Camp registration I registered my child for the above Camp week/s and I am aware that the Camp fee's will be due;  A Cancellation notice must be submitted in writing and mailed to the camp's mailing address. If no Cancellation notice is send all Camp fees become due; Refunds will be issued in the same manner as payment was made; If Refunds are issued, 80% of tuition paid will be refunded if written notice is received no later than nine weeks prior to start of camp; Cancellations received less then nine weeks forfeit full tuition unless there is a valid health related reason for cancellation. All health related cancellations require a physician's written notice. Cancellation due to severe illness or accident prior to camp session start date require a physician's written notice. After cancellation is reviewed, 60% of tuition paid will be refunded; Cancellations due to personal reasons will not receive a refund; Cancellations due to withdrawal, dismissal, transportation issues, changes to vacation plans and any other reasons will not receive a refund; Campers who leave during a session will not receive a refund; Once a camper arrives at camp no refunds will be made for any reason; We reserve the right to dismiss any camper that is not compatible with the camp programs; No refunds are given if a camper missed days due to homesickness or personal commitments; We cannot offer discounts on late starts and early departures; If camper refuses to participate in off-camp activities, activity fees are nonrefundable; Tuition quotes do not include miscellanous charges unless noted otherwise (personal spending).

Paying by debit card, visa, mastercard, discover or amex, there is a processing feeincluded in our Camp tuition. You can receive a discount of 2%, when sending your payment fortuition through Family & Friends on Paypal.

No electronic checks are accepted. Debit or Credit Card payments 

In case of inclement weather, Pony Gang Equestrian Services will substitute indoor activities of our choice for Campers.

All participants will receive a Health Form along with other Forms and have to bring them with them on the first day of Camp. 

With your signature you give Pony Gang Equestrian Services  the permission to use photographs taken of your child while at camp for promotional purposes. Pony Gang Equestrian Services reserves the right to make changes to schedules or child’s riding group.

We or I (Parent/Guardian) have read and agree to all the conditions of this registration.

Signature *
What Camp are you signing up for *
How would you like to pay? *
Please note:
- If you select to pay by Debit/Credit Card your Card information has to be entered down below! If Card       Information are not entered, we will be charging a $ 10.00Adminstration fee.
- If you selected to pay by Debit/Credit Card and the Payment cannot be run due to insufficent funds or you reverse the Payment, we will be charging a $ 50.00 Administration fee. 
- If you selected PayPal FAMILY AND FRIENDS please send payment to ashley.terebayza@icloud.com
Must Pay within latest 48Hours of Registration being send in.
Please note:
- If PayPal payment has not been recived within 48Hours of registration your Credit/Debit Card will be charged
- PayPal FAMILY AND FRIENDS Payment is offered to you to safe the 5% Administation feed. If you should send payment through  regular PayPal payment the 5% Service fee will be charged to the Credit/Debit Card on file.
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