Opus 99 Application

This application is for students interested in joining the OPUS 99 Youth Orchestra.
To apply:
     1. Record a single 2-3 minute selection of region audition music from any year
          OR solo music of the applicant's  choice
     2. Submit the recording of the scale and solo selection as a single unlisted YouTube video link.
     3. Have the permission of the orchestra director to participate in Opus 99.
We are ONLY accepting video auditions. There will be no live auditions.
The preferred method of submitting your audition recordings is in an unlisted YouTube link in your application. View instructions on how to make an unlisted YouTube video. We encourage you to make a video with the best sound quality available to you. However, a phone recording is also acceptable. 
Auditions determine orchestral placement.  We will do our best to place you based on your age and playing level.
What instrument will you be playing? *
If you are unable to submit a YouTube link, you may email us a video at Info@Opus99.com
All Opus 99 students must have the permission of their zoned school's orchestra program director in order to participate in Opus 99. Exceptions will be made for those students without an orchestra program at their school. Once we receive your completed application, we will reach out to your orchestra director to obtain their permission for you to participate in Opus 99.

Do you understand that you will need permission from your current director/instructor? *
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