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Brian Smallwood "Marketing Magic" Program *
* Required - One Time Agent Admin / Setup Fee $175.00
PLAN A - "The Elite Team" Basic Enrollment Program (Blue Star - Month to Month Territory)
"Elite Agents" Will Have Access To All Branding Materials, websites, etc
(old & new ongoing productions to use in your personal branding campaigns for all your outbound marketing campaigns, etc)
You will have access to ongoing trainings, training videos, and one on one and group sessions.
You will be branded as a regional For Sale By Owner Expert
The fee as an "Elite Agent" is $179 per month.
PLAN B - "Advanced Team Associate" Program (Red Star - 1 Year Protected Territory)
Includes All of Plan A however includes a secured Red Star Agent Protected feature 
1 Agent per 100,000 households, no other agents wihin 10 mile radius Outbound Marketing Unlimited, Inbound is based upon Region. See seperate Terms & Agreement.
The fee as an "Advanced Team Associate" is $299 per month, 12 month minimum agreement.
PLAN C - "The Complete Package" Program (Red Star - Lifetime Enrollement)
Includes All of Plan A & B, and is a Lifetime Membership Enrollement.
The fee for "The Complete Package" Program is a one-time flat fee of $3000.
Broker Secured Regional Territory (up to 300 Agents)
Includes Everything Above as a Team Affiliation
Individual Agents can personally brand at a 50% discount, applies as long as licensed with Affiliated Broker.
Broker's must register one transaction in each 6 month cycle of the year to maintain territory.
The fee for "Broker Secured Regional Territory" Program is a one-time flat fee of $30,000.00

RE|Mentor User License Agreement RE|Mentor Brian Smallwood P.A., herby reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant, by interview, based on skill set, determination, training and teach ability. Territories are also limited, by the demographics, of population, and the density of agents in that particular market place, of any specific region. Each region is limited to 3 Agents Maximum, to be enrolled within a 10 mile radius. And maybe even less, in less populated areas.

Though Agent May market outside of their 10 mile radius, in no case, should Agent, or Broker, Market in the Lee County Market. The Lee County Market Area is Permanently Reserved For Use, At This Time, By ReMentor-Brian Smallwood P.A.

ReMentor-Brian Smallwood P.A. Reserves The Right to Suspend, or Revoke, this Licensing and Marketing Agreement at anytime, if or when, in Any Case That Seems “Just Cause”. As an Example: “Just Cause” Could be such as Violation, Of Laws Or Ethics, That of the Laws and Standards of Real-estate Laws, Local Board Or Authorities, Associations, and Or Any Other Legal Actions, Or Authorities, or legal or ethical actions taken against an Agent, or in any sense indicates an intentional misuse.

All Rights For Reproductions Are Reserved, and are Limited To Use For, and By Only Licensed And Approved Agents. Each Licensed Branding Will Include 1 Agent, Or 1 Organization Branding. Each Additional, or subsequent Agents, Are Subject to anotherIndividual Licensing Fee! AnyAlterations Or Changes Need Be Approved, In Writing, Before Any Reproduction May Be Printed, Or Distributed! All Details Of Our Marketing Products And Procedures Are To Be Considered Proprietary, And Such Details Are Not To Be Shared With Others, Unless Approved In Writing By RE|Mentor-Brian Smallwood P.A.

The Cost And Fees To Convert Brand Of Each Individual Agent Ot Broker, Is At An Additional Cost, And Is Not Included In This Licensing Agreement.Arrangements For Brand Transfer, And Technology Fees Have been Arranged At A Reduced Fixed Rate... However Such Rates Are Based On An Affiliated BusinessAgreement That May Be Subject To Change. This Affiliated Business Agreement, Is Separate, And In No Interpretation To Be Considered A Part Of This Licensing Agreement.

RE|Mentor-Brian Smallwood P.A. makes No Claims To Any One Particular Agent, Broker Or Otherwise, Known As A Licensee. RE|Mentor-Brian Smallwood P.A. will Extend Extensive Training And Details Details And Fair Marketing Strategies, To Assist To Teach And Help Agent, Or Broker To Identify And Market For New Listings, Especially Tailored Especially To The FISBO Market. Any Success Is Solely Based On The Talents, Skills, Work Ethics, Teach Ability And Practices of EachIndividual Agent. Should Agent Perform Below Average Of TheExpectations, And Lack Of Performance, RE|Mentor Brian Smallwood P.A. does reserve The Right To Extend That Territory Or Region, To Another Agent, Or Brokerage, Beyond That Already Set As 3 Within In A 10 MileOverlapping Radius, To Other Licensees.

All Tools Are The Property Of RE|Mentor Brian Smallwood P.A.,

For Any Questions Call - Brian Smallwood P.A 239.281.HOME *

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