Custom Fishing Rod Order Form

Hudson River Rod Builders is supplied by and several other vendors. Once supplies are at our premises we will build your rod in a timely manner and keep you update as we work on your custom rod. As a small company we are all fishermen just like you, and encourage conversation about customizing/building your fishing rod. We offer to ship. Submit the following information, we will reach out to you with a quote and when you're ready we will start the process of building your rod. 
What type of rod are you ordering? *
What type of handle are you looking for? *
If you chose a cork handle, would you like a split grip or a full grip? *This is only for cork handles*
What kind of rod fits your needs? * 🛈
What color rod would you like? *Certain color options may vary* *

Contact Information

Please submit the following information so we can contact you about the pricing and progress of your rod. 
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