Please sign our petition in support of urban agriculture in Long Beach, California. We will not share your contact information. My 8 -year old daughter says “Our goats are calm. They don’t do anything bad. They don’t make a lot of noise. Our chickens don’t either. Our chickens make better eggs than store-bought eggs and they have a nice color too.” We are your neighbors. We believe in everybody’s right to make their own “healthy food choices that reduce environmental causes of diet and related illnesses”, including raising one’s own poultry and miniature dairy animals. Please sign to help us change the Long Beach Municipal code to allow backyard urban farming that includes goats and egg-laying poultry. San Francisco is doing it! Let’s make Long Beach the progressive, inclusive, diverse city that it claims to be. We appreciate your friendship and support. Long Beach Grows and The Marykwas Family in the Rose Park Historic District, Long Beach, CA

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