Managed Forex Investment 


We offer manage accounts for investors and institutional as well who have neither the time no experience to trade on their own account , The Account will be under your personal name with brokerage firms or your company name.

Investment Program 3 is a trending follower strategy. This profitable trading strategy has achieved more than 80% of positive trades. This investment strategy has the great characteristic of the capacity to make big annual profits with a very stable moderate Draw Down, presenting an extraordinary secure steady profit maker trading program.

This steady conservative trading strategy achieves more than 500% of annual profits. It has a great ‘profit factor’ bigger than 2.10.

​Cumulative profits: 737%
​​Average monthly profits: 24.69%
Investment strategy: Low-term Trend
Brokerage: Brokerage Firms is licensed in UK - EU AU
Minimum investment: €3,000
Performance Fee: 35% (3k+) // 30% (25k+) // 25% (100k+)

Trade Forex, CFDs , Metals, Commodities, Bonds & Indices
Spreads from 0.2 Leverage up to 400:1


1. Register

Open your Live Trading Account with Brokerage Firms  the link  

2. Verify

Upload your documents to verify your account

3. Sign POA with Money manage

Once we receive the POA we resend it to our broker who will automatically put your trading account under our management.


Open a Managed Account 

We will send more details by Email
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