Weddings at First Assembly
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Congratulations!    You are now engaged and preparing for marriage. We, at First Assembly of God, are rejoicing with you and thankful to God that He has brought you together to share the joys and blessings of Christian marriage. We strive to make every wedding a meaningful and memorable event. 

Pastoral Guidelines:  Weddings at First Assembly are reserved for members of First Assembly of God as described in the First Assembly of God Constitution and Bylaws (either Bride or Groom).

The Pastoral staff of First Assembly of God feels that it is vital that both the Bride and Groom be morally aligned with Biblical Scripture in preparation for a Christian wedding. The Pastoral staff of First Assembly will not assist in the marriage of couples who have chosen not to align themselves with scripture.  Therefore, be prepared to discuss scriptural, moral principles as the first step in preparing for a successful marriage. 

When choosing a date:  
• Weddings are reserved only for Members of First Assembly of God, Alexandria.

• No more than one wedding will be scheduled on a given day. 

• No weddings will be scheduled on any Religious Holidays, New Year’s Day, Easter Weekend, Love Alive Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend or during the month of December.