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WDR30 - Application to Perform Delineation of Wetlands
and Other Surface Waters
This Environmental Protection Commission application is for delineation of wetlands and other surface waters as provided in Chapter 1-11.04 Wetlands, Rules of the EPC and adopted Basis of Review. The delineation will be performed in accordance with the methodology described in Chapter 62-340, Florida Administrative Code. The fee for this application is $150 and must be submitted with this application.

1.  Property Owner Information
Present at site
Note: A copy of this application will be emailed to the above address.

2. Agent Information  (if applicable)
If an agent is applying on behalf of the property owner, an owner's authorization form must be signed by the property owner and submitted with this application.  You can download the Owner's Authorization Form from EPC's website and then upload the form in the section below.
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3. Site Information



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Verification *

4. Terms of Agreement

a. I certify that I am the record owner of the property described in this application or am acting as the duly authorized agent for the property owner.

b. I either own the property described in this application or I have legal authority to allow access to the property, and I consent to any site visit on the property by agents or personnel from the EPC necessary for the delineation specified in this application. I authorize these agents or personnel to enter the property as many times as may be necessary to make such delineation.

c. Further, I hereby acknowledge the obligation and responsibility for obtaining all of the local, state and federal permits before commencement of any activity.

I certify that I am familiar with the information contained in this application, and that to the best of my knowledge and belief such information is true, complete and accurate. I further certify that I possess the authority to undertake the proposed activity.

Signature of Owner or Authorized Agent (use your mouse to sign name on line in block below) *


Delineation fees are specified in Chapter 1-6, Services Fee Schedule, Rules of the EPC, as listed below:

Base Fee . . . $150.00
Includes all background research, a field visit, and the first 250 linear feet of the wetland/other surface water line as flagged or verified by the field scientist

Additional Footage . . .  $0.20/ linear foot
Required for the wetland/other surface water line beyond the first 250 linear feet. This amount is assessed at the time surveys are submitted and is due prior to release of approved surveys. The additional footage fee if applicable cannot be processed online and must be paid by check or cash.

Additional copies of this application in .pdf form are available online at www.epchc.org.


Upon Completion of the Delineation

Upon completion of the delineation, EPC staff will provide written correspondence detailing the findings and provide guidance to complete the delineation process.

To formalize the delineation, the owner/applicant must submit certified surveys for review and approval. The surveys must meet the requirements of the adopted EPC Basis of Review and Chapter 61G17-6, F.A.C. Additional footage fees will be required if the wetland/other surface water line is greater than 250 linear feet.

Following receipt of surveys and additional footage fee (if required), EPC staff will issue a formal determination approving the surveys.  The approved surveys will be valid for a period of five (5) years. All future development plans must accurately depict the approved wetland and other surface water areas, lines, and setbacks pursuant to all applicable governmental requirements.