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This EPC application is for all miscellaneous activities in wetlands (MAIW) as provided in Section 1-11.10 Wetlands, Rules of the EPC.

  • If submitting an application for a dock, boardwalk, riprap, swim access, etc. the fee is $380.
    Note: If hazardous native tree removal (up to 3 trees) is included with one or more of the above activities, no additional fee required.
  • If submitting an application only for a hazard native tree removal (up to 3 trees) the fee is $50.
  • If submitting an application for whole lake treatments less than 10 acres the fee is $490.
  • If submitting an application for whole lake treatments greater than 10 acres, the fee is $680.

Please be advised, an additional fee may be required if this project does not meet FDEP exemption criteria, as applicable.

Please include drawings that show: (1) parcel boundaries, (2) existing shoreline, (3) wetland boundary, and (4) location of proposed activities.   Incomplete applications, including omission of required site plan drawings and documentation or fee, will not be processed until all missing information is provided.

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The Applicant must have real property interest over the land upon which the activities subject to this notice will be conducted. An applicant may be the property owner, the holder of a recorded easement, a buyer with a contract to purchase or an entity that possesses other equitable property interest that allows for modifications to the land and authorizes the Agency staff or its agents to access and inspect the property. Documentation that explains the type of property interest must be included with this application.

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If a representative is submitting this notice on behalf of the Applicant, the Owner/Applicant Authorization form, which is located at the end of this notice (see Section 5), must be signed by the Applicant listed above.

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Type of Work Proposed (Check all that apply): *
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¹ If only nuisance vegetation removal is proposed, refer to the EPC’s List of Nuisance Plants to determine if WNV 15-Application for Nuisance Vegetation Removal is appropriate (no fee).

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Dock, Observation Deck, or Elevated Boardwalk Proposed

Replacement Seawalls, Rip-Rap or Headwalls Proposed


If backfill is proposed, the items below must be noted.
² Only clean fill material may be used, as defined within Section 62-701.730(15) as adopted in Chapter 1-7, Solid Waste, Rules of the EPC.

Maintenance Dredge Proposed

List the Plant Name, Control Method, and Herbicide Name or Tools.

List the Plant Name, Control Method, and Herbicide Name or Tools.
 Target Plant NameControl Method-Herbicide, Mechanical, or Hand RemovalHerbicide Name or ToolsTarget Area (Sq. ft.)
Additional entries

4.   General Drawing Requirements Checklist (if applicable)

Some of the items on the below checklist may not be applicable to the type of work being proposed.  Drawings which do not contain the necessary items will be considered incomplete and will require revisions before the application can be considered complete. If you have any questions regarding what would be applicable to your proposal, please contact EPC staff prior to submittal.

1.   Plan View/Top View
  • Show the existing shoreline, name of water body, approximate wetland boundary, and property lines with dimensions noted and/or scale provided. Show the location and dimensions of existing structures that may be applicable to the project (i.e., existing dock, boat ramp, rip-rap, seawall, etc.).  Include a north arrow.

  • Show approximate mean high water lines (High Guidance Level) and low water lines (Low Guidance Level) if activity is in tidal areas.  Show approximate ordinary high and low water levels if the proposed activity is in non-tidal areas (ponds, lakes, etc.)

  • Show water depths to the bottom substrate taken at approximate mean low or ordinary low water levels in the vicinity of the proposed structure.
  • Show principal dimensions of proposed structure or work to be performed (including boardwalks, paths, vegetation removal, etc.) in relation to property boundaries. Indicate materials proposed for construction activities.

2.   Cross-Sectional/Profile View
  • Show the approximate mean or ordinary high and low water levels in relation to the shoreline and the proposed structure.

  • Show the existing and proposed depths at the waterward end of the proposed work; or if excavation is proposed, show the requested grade.

  • Show dimensions of proposed structure and identify any structures to be erected upon it (i.e., roof, railings, etc.).

  • If fill is proposed, indicate type of fill proposed, show dimensions and volumes of material, and identify any structures to be constructed, and their relationship to the delineated wetland line.



Instructions:Owner/Applicant must complete this authorization form. For multiple persons, please provide a separate form for each person. For business organizations (e.g. LLC, corporations, partnerships), this form must be signed by a person authorized to bind the organization. A business organization or person who has sufficient real property interest is required to authorize access to the property .


By signing below, I or the business organization, am applying for a permit(s)¹ to conduct the activity(ies) described in the application. I am familiar with the information contained in the application and represent that it is true, complete and accurate. I understand this is an application and not a permit, and that work prior to approval may be a violation. I understand that this application and any permit issued thereto, does not relieve me of any obligation for obtaining any other required federal, state, water management district or local permit prior to commencement of activities. I agree to operate and maintain the proposed activity in compliance with permits and laws, unless the EPC authorizes transfer of the permit to a different responsible entity. I understand that my application will not be processed if there is any missing, insufficient, or invalid information or insufficient fees. I understand I may have to provide any additional information/data that may be necessary to provide reasonable assurance of evidence to show that the proposed project will comply with applicable environmental standards/laws. I agree that upon written concurrence, the EPC may make changes to the application based on revised drawings and/or additional information provided by agent or applicant. I further agree EPC can unilaterally change non-substantive typographical errors. I understand that knowingly making any false statement or representation in this application is a violation of EPC Act and rules and may result in, among other things, revocation of the permit or denial of the application.


By signing below, I certify that I, or the business organization, possess sufficient real property interest in or control over the land upon which the activities described in this application are proposed and that I have legal authority to grant permission to access those lands. I hereby grant permission, evidenced by my signature below, for staff of the EPC to access, inspect, and sample the lands and waters of the property as necessary for the review of the proposed works and other activities specified in this application. I authorize EPC, its agents, and assigns to enter the property as many times as may be necessary to make such review, inspection, and/ or sampling. Further, I agree to provide entry to the project site for such agents or personnel to monitor and inspect permitted work if a permit is granted.


By signing below, I authorize the representative listed below to act on my behalf, or on behalf of the organization, to process the application; to negotiate revisions; to accept or agree to conditions or stipulations; and to furnish, upon request, supplemental information in support of the application. In addition, I authorize the representative listed below to bind me, or the organization, to perform any requirements that may be necessary to procure the permit or authorization.

¹ The term “permit” is used generally herein to mean a permit, an authorization, a wetland delineation, etc. For a wetland delineation request, it is understood that this is not an application to impact wetlands or conduct activities in wetlands other surface waters

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