EPC Internship/Volunteer Application Form

Please see the Intern and Volunteer webpage for internship descriptions, application timeframes and available opportunities. Select your first or second choices below. Prior to each University semester we will open the application process until we have filled the positions. If you were not selected please reapply for the following semester.

Please select one of the below options. An Internship is usually for college credit with standard hours during a semester. A Volunteer does not earn college credit and is not subject to a set schedule. *
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Any and all documentation including photos and all information noted in the application submitted to the EPC will be subject to public records laws, and the information may be reproduced and utilized by the EPC for appropriate public purposes (brochures, website, etc.).
Submitting this application does not secure an internship. It provides your information to the proper program coordinator. Selected applicants will be asked to interview and will be selected based on experience, interest and availablility.