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**Service Fees are administered for quotes, group quotes, group bookings and payment plans.**
Why? It requires time, skill and effort to generate quotes and each payment for payment plans are done manually to the applicable supplier.
Service fees are Invoiced upon reciept of inquiry form and must be paid prior to recieving additonal services. 
Groups require a Travel Consult prior to recieving quotes. 
1st Quote Single Destination $5.00
Additonal Quotes $25.00 (up to #3)
Group Admin Service Fee is $75.00 (include quotes & payment plans)
Payment Plans $10.00 pp**Payment Plan Admin fee will invoiced seperatel and be due at the time of Deposit.** 
I understand there is a non-refundable Consultation Fee collected prior to any services being performed. Please indicate that you understand by selecting Yes below. If you do NOT accept, we will not proceed with processing your request. I understand and agree to the above terms in submitting my request for a quote from CHB World Travel Agency, LLC *

PLEASE READ Travel Agency Terms & Conditions Policies; Provisions & Processes **Available on Website **

TEXT ONLY: (628)270-2456 (NO Travel Quote information will be provided)
Travel Consultation Appointments
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