GWIC Ad Pricing Plans

For faster service, email us at or call (800) 659-7103.  
Women's Business Showcase Webpage
$39.95/ 14 days
$150.00/ 30 days
$850.00/ 6 months
GWIC Homepage 
$ 150.00/ 14 days
$ 550.00/ 30 days
$ 3,250.00/ 6 months
Let GWIC drive internet traffic to your business website, giving you brand exposure. We sell online Ad space to support new start-ups, existing brands, and campaigns. The world has shifted to an online experience. Most customers prefer shopping online to avoid long lines, faster delivery service, and convenience. As a result, e-commerce sales reached $196.66 billion in 2020. 
Why Advertise With Us?
  • Banner Ads starting at $39.95.
  • Showcase your brand, products, and services, reaching online customers at a low cost.
  • Banner Ads are big business with online shoppers.
  • Drive traffic to your site.
  • Excellent click-ability access; and an average of 18,490 annual online yearly website page viewers.

Customer Contact Information


Ad Advertising Policy

A business license is required when advertising a business. However, self-published authors aren't required to provide a business license. 
The following Ads and images are prohibited: 
<Pornographic or sexually explicit images
<Contain frontal and back nudity  
<Feature graphic violence
<Include disturbing or disgusting images
<Violate copyright laws
<Contain hate speech, including verbal attacks based on gender, sexual orientation, race,
ethnicity, religion, disability, or nationality
<Reveal other users' personal information
<Advertisements may not be misleading and must be verifiable.
<Advertisements should clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service being offered.

Banner Ad Size

GWIC Banner Ad Size
600 x 300/Standard
The customer has the right to design their own Ads and submit them. As a result, Banner Ad size can change.  

By signing this digital form. You, the Customer, agree to purchase Ad service with Girlfriends Who Inspire Change(GWIC). The Customer shall be responsible for proofreading their personal images, graphic designs, and content before uploading them into the image files. GWIC will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies with the images or edits. Additionally, the Customer agrees that Ads are placed on GWIC'S Women's Business Showcase webpage or homepage.
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