2019 Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll

The Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll (VAHR), formerly the Indigenous Honour Roll, was established in 2011 to formally and publicly recognise the exceptional and distinguished contributions of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people to the Victorian Aboriginal community and the wider Victorian community.

Inductees are selected by the VAHR Advisory Panel based on their contributions to the Victorian Aboriginal community. Each year the VAHR plays a significant role in changing perceptions, building awareness and improving relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Victorians. 107 Victorian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people have been inducted to the VAHR as at 2018.

Nominator details (the person who is nominating)


Nominee/s is Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, identifies as such and is accepted as such by the Victorian Aboriginal community. *
This nominee is not eligible to apply for the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll.
Nominee/s is living in Victoria/has lived in Victoria and/or was born in Victoria. *
This nominee is not eligible to apply for the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll.

Nominee/s details (the person who is being nominated)

Deceased *
You must complete The Next of Kin Section before submitting the application.
Does the nominee know they have been nominated? *

Next of kin

Nominee profile

Select the categories the nominee/s has been actively involved in and which best reflect their area/s of achievement. *
Please provide information below for your nominee/s. The information provided will assist the Advisory Panel to consider why the nominee/s should be inducted to the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll. The information provided may include the nominee/s early years, cultural background, any challenges they may have faced, any contributions and achievements they have made and what their legacy is.
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Additional information

Do you want Aboriginal Victoria to notify the nominee if this application is unsuccessful? *
Please mark the box if you agree to this nomination being submitted and the nominee/s being contacted for consideration for an award where applicable in the Australian Honours system ie. Order of Australia, Victorian Honour Roll of Women, etc.


I certify that the information provided is a true and correct account of the nominee/s. *

Important information

What we do?

  • AV will collate all nominations and provide complete copies to the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll Advisory Panel (the Panel) for their consideration.
  • AV will facilitate the meeting of the Panel providing secretariat support where needed.
  • AV will provide the Panel's recommendations for induction to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.
  • AV will notify inductees of their successful induction and provide ongoing support to inductees throughout the induction process.
  • AV will facilitate the engagement of an independent researcher to research and prepare the inductee biographies.
  • AV will facilitate the presentation ceremony for inductees or their representatives and family members.
  • AV will publish and disseminate the VAHR Booklet, update the AV website to include the latest inductees, and insert the new inductee pages into the VAHR Book at Parliament House.

What we do not do?

  • AV does not make decisions regarding who is or who is not inducted to the VAHR.
  • AV does not contact family members beyond those provided in the nomination form or those engaged by the independent researcher.
  • AV will not notify unsuccessful nominees unless otherwise instructed by the nominator/s.
  • AV does not research or prepare inductee biographies, nor do we have any say regarding the final version of the biography.
  • AV does not settle disputes between family members should they arise.

What do you do?

  • Ensure that all information provided is an accurate and true account of the nominee/s.
  • Ensure that all relevant family members have been notified about the nomination and, where applicable, induction.
  • Provide relevant paperwork on request from AV.

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