Notification of premises supplying food waste to livestock

Use this form only when food waste is supplied to animals

Feeding pigs with food waste containing meat or milk products*, or food waste that has been in contact with these products (swill), has been identified as the greatest risk for introduction of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) to Australia.

For this reason regulations have been implemented to prevent the feeding of these types of food waste and it is illegal to feed swill to pigs under the Livestock Disease Act 1994.

There is no restriction on feeding these products to poultry. Green feed (lettuce, cabbage etc.) is permitted to be fed to pigs, provided it is has not been in contact with meat, milk products or unprocessed cooking oil.

If a food outlet is supplying food waste containing meat or milk products to a livestock producer, school or to staff, or any other person, for feeding to pigs, cattle, sheep and goats, or if unknown, it should be reported to Agriculture Victoria using this form.

Details of supplied foodwaste
*Illegal food waste: All meats, meat by-products, imported milk products, pizza bun rolls, meat pies, bacon and cheese rolls, salad rolls containing meat, caeser salad with meat, steak, hamburgers, sausages, butcher’s shop waste, oil used to cook meat or dairy, vegetables, fruit or bread scraps that have been in contact with animal products or by-products, any food of non-animal origin that has been on the same plate as meat or dairy products.
Food waste supplied to: *
Food waste fed to: *
Type of food waste: *
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If you require assistance from someone in Agriculture Victoria please email