Children/Youth Ministry Registration 2023-2024

Education is offered at both sites.  Please check all that apply for your family.
Littlest Lutherans (Parent and children under the age of 3)
Education (ages 3 - High school)
What activities will your family participate in? Please check all that apply. See the program info for dates/times/locations.
 Check if planning on attending.
Joyful Noises (Wednesday Parent/tot class)
Kids Connect (ages K-5th Grade)
Confirmation (6th-8th grade)
Jr. High Night (6th-8th grade)
High School Night

We love having families in we want you to be a PART of worship. Families and children are invited and encouraged to serve as ushers, greeters, lectors, and prayer and song leaders. Check what areas your family (or an individual in your family) is interested in and we will get back with you! Questions? Contact Tempe: Art Krzyzewski at or Gilbert: Sharyn Jennings
 GreeterUsherLectorPrayer or Litany LeaderSong LeaderPower Point/Tech
Tempe and Gilbert

I agree to the use of images of my children, including reproduction of photos, video, or audio by Desert Cross for promotion purposes. 
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Emergency Contact Information

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 Alternate Contact #1Alternate Contact #2
Relation to Youth
Phone Number

Health Information

I hereby release Desert Cross Lutheran Church, its staff and sponsors from responsibility and liabililty for any illness or injury that the above named child may sustain during any activity.  In the event of an emergency, I hereby authorize an adult leader of the activity, as agent for me, to consent to any X-ray examination, medical, dental, anesthetic, or surgical diagnosis, treatment, and hospital care advised and supervised by a licensed physician, surgeon, or dentist (as appropriate) licensed to practice under the laws of the state where the services are to be rendered, either at the physician's office or in the hospital.  I understand the activity director will endeavor to reach us should the nature of the injury or illness warrant it.  However, we will not hold any of the activity personnel responsible if efforts to contact me (us) are unseccessful.
Please note that Desert Cross is taking precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in it's ministry programs, but we cannot guarantee that everyone participating in the program is free from the virus. 
*The information provided will be reviewed by the Parish Nurse and shared with adults having contact with this child.  Please call the church at 480.730.8600 if you have questions. 
By checking Yes, you are agreeing to the terms listed above.  Checking Yes acts as your electronic signature. *