Lummi Nation School - Parent Survey

Question: As parents or guardians would you like to have a Police Resource Officer at the Lummi Nation School? *


  • The LNPD is working on a grant that would fund a Resource Officer for three years.

  • The school has had Resource Officers in the past. The relationships and good will that was created by having a Resource Officer at the school was invaluable.

  • The position of Resource Officer has been vacant for the past two school years.

  • Resource Officers serve as problem solvers, youth advocates, school and community liaisons, mentors, counselors, classroom instructors and positive role models.

  • Resource Officers build relationships with students and help them make better choices and provide guidance as needed that otherwise might not be there.

  • The Resource Officer would be in place more for informational purposes not punitive.

To address crime and disorder problems, gang and drug activities affecting or occurring in or around an elementary or secondary school

-- To develop or expand crime prevention efforts for students

-- To educate likely school-age victims in crime prevention and safety

-- To develop or expand community justice initiatives for students

-- To train students in conflict resolution, restorative justice and crime awareness

-- To assist in the identification of physical changes in the environment that may reduce crime in or around the school

-- To assist in developing school policy that addresses crime and recommend procedural changes.