Welcome back to the Carisbrooke HOT DOG DAY Program.  CPAC, with the generous help of parent volunteers, offers select hot dog days, in addition to our Foodie Kids Wednesday lunch program.
This order is for MONDAY MARCH 9 
Extensions are not possibe after this date because our Hot Dog day is March 9th and we need time to place orders with our vendors.
  1. Complete one order per child.
  2. You can pay securely by credit card or debit card via PayPal.  You do not need a Paypal account to use this method.  No cash or cheques.  
  3. No refunds are possible.  Please ensure your child will be in school on the day fun lunch is being served.  (eg not at a dr's appt, away on vacation, etc)


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Monday, March 9 2020 - Hot Dog Day
We will be offering 100% all beef wieners.
9 March 2020: *

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Carisbrooke PAC Fundraising 2019/2020

PAC fundraising gives our children enhanced learning tools and experiences.  Donations receive a tax-deductible receipt as the Carisbrooke PAC is a registered charity.

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