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Guidelines & Fees

Festival Recital Guidelines & Procedures (see below for Emerging Performers Recital)
- Open to all instruments, voice and ensembles.
- Advanced, Intermediate and Elementary levels are welcome.
- All pieces must be played in their original form and for soloists, from memory.
Performer Attire
- Female: Skirts or dresses (knee length or longer), dressy slacks and blouses, dress shoes.
- Male: Dress slacks, dress shirt, dress shoes.  Suits and ties optional.
-  Students are to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before their scheduled recital begins.  You will receive information about your specific recital time from the Chair.
-  There are no warm-up rooms for use.
-  The Festival Recitals are free to attend and open to the public.
-  Performers and families must remain for the entire duration of the recital.
$30: Standard Registration (performance of 6 minutes or less)
+ additional $20: Performance between 7-10 minutes. (No student may play more than 10 minutes due to time constraints.)
+ additional $20: use of 2nd piano
+ additional $30: Students of Non-CAPMT Members.
Emerging Performers Recital Guidelines & Procedures
-  For very young students or older beginners.
-  Students may play one or two short pieces.  Time limit must not exceed 4 minutes.
-  Memorization is not required. 
$30: Standard Registration 
+ additional $30: Students of Non-CAPMT Members.
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