Congregation Beth-El Zedeck High Holy Days 5780/2019

I/We wish to reserve seats for the 2019 High Holy Days for:  (Please include the name of each individual requesting seats.)
Please check one: *
Seats not used for two consecutive years are permanently released.  The deadline for seat payment is Friday, September 13. No refunds will be made after that date.
Seat charges for members are:
Sanctuary Section A (Rows A-N) $150.00
Sanctuary Section AA (Rows O-S) $130.00
Auditorium Section B (Rows AA-EE) $110.00
Auditorium Section BB (Rows FF-JJ) $100.00
Auditorium Section C (Rows LL-UU) $85.00
Seat charges for nonmembers who live in central Indiana are double the member price.
We are happy to have nonmembers who live out-of-town as our guests at member prices.
Aliyot are offered to all members of the congregation on a rotating basis.  If you DO NOT wish to receive an aliyah, please check this box.