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Prior to populating the form, please take note of the following steps:
1. Get concept approval for your event from the Lead Pastor or a staff liaison.

2. Fill out the pertinent areas of the BBFC Request Form.

3. Meet with your staff liaison/lead to discuss the details of your event.

4. The staff liaison will present the full details to the Lead Pastor and staff for final approval and/or updates.

*Please note that the staff liaison for your event is your main point of contact. That person will be responsible for communicating with the other departments that pertain to your event.

Contact Information and Approval

Type of Event *
Your event will be submitted to the Lead Pastor for review. Our Administration Department will contact you once a decision has been made.

Event Information

Reason for Request (check all that apply) *
Meeting Type *
Is this a Recurring Event? *
Custom Days *
Make this event public? *

Food Preparation

Will there be food prepared or served at this event? *
Will BBFC be purchasing or providing the food for this event? *
What type of food will this event have? *
Food serving items requested

Equipment/Supplies Request

Please enter the quantity of the requested equipment or supplies.

Please list the quantities, in order, for the documents above.
Will you need sound and/or microphone(s)? *
Please enter the quantity. *
Will you need any technical assistance? *

Set Up and Location

Set up timeframe *
Have you already been assigned a room/meeting space? *
Location preference * 🛈
Administration Building *
Cathedral *
Family Life Center *
Room Set Up *
I would like to do a walkthrough with someone from the Facilities Department. (If so, the Director will be notified and a date will be determined)

Announcement Request

I understand that all announcement requests must go through an approval process, and there is no guarantee that the announcement will be made. *
Is this a Recurring Announcement? *
I would like the announcement made via (check all that apply): *

Media Request

If you have any graphics requests to go along with the announcement, please click on this link to submit to our Media Team: Creative team request (

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