Charges for instruction, aircraft rental and incidentals will be invoiced within one business day of the completion of that flight. A credit card is required to be placed on file before scheduled appointments. Customers are welcome to pay cash, check, or use a different card when invoiced. Otherwise, charges remaining 3 days after invoice will be billed to the credit card on file. All charges via credit card will incur a 3% processing fee.

Cancellations within 24 hours of the reservation are subject to a minimum of one hour aircraft fee and a minimum of two hours instructor fee.

I authorize All In Aviation to charge my card for all outstanding charges on my account. I understand that this authorization shall be in effect until I notify All In Aviation of my intention to close my account in writing and have made full payment for any and all outstanding charges.




AIA requires at least 24 hours notice of cancellation for any reservation. Mitigating circumstances include weather, illness, emergencies, and medical problems. It is requested that clients notify AIA as soon as possible regarding cancellations. In the event that a renter is a no-show for an instructional flight and does not notify AIA regarding the cancellation, that person will be billed for 1 hour of aircraft time and 2 hours of instructor time at that instructor’s billable rate. 


All time spent with an instructor will be charged at that instructor’s billable rate with a two-hour minimum per-scheduled event. Billable time begins at scheduled start time and stops at completion of Client/Instructor debrief. Instruction 2-6 hours in length is billed at the hourly rate. Instruction lasting 6-10 hours is billed at a full day rate. Any instruction in excess of 10 hours is again billed at the hourly rate. All instructor incidentals (lodging, meals, transportation) are also invoiced.

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