Submit your session proposal for World Biodiversity Forum 2024!

We are very pleased to invite you to contribute to the third edition of the World Biodiversity Forum! The theme is "From Science to Action", and we encourage you to submit proposals that are interactive, foster discussion and exchange, and bring together researchers from different disciplines and various social actors. 

We accept proposals for sessions, workshops, training sessions or panel discussions from researchers, practitioners, policy- and decision-makers and actors from different sectors such as business and finance, agriculture and others as well as indigenous people on the following themes:

1. Biodiversity, functional diversity and ecosystem function
2. Soil biodiversity and function
3. Genetic diversity and evolution
4. Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
5. Ecosystem services and nature’s contributions to people
6. Biodiversity, human well-being and (sustainable) development
7. Multiple values and diverse knowledge systems (incl. Indigenous Knowledge)
8. Human-nature relationships and bio-cultural diversity
9. Philosophy and ethics
10. Monitoring and modelling of biodiversity and ecosystem (change)
11. Biodiversity (loss) and climate (change)
12. Economics, finance and innovative financing of biodiversity related actions
13. Governance, policy and integrated approaches for socio-ecological resilience
14. Narratives and future visions
15. Science communication
16. Urban and landscape planning
17. Agriculture, aquaculture, forestry and fisheries
18. Agroecology and agroforestry
19. Renewable energy production
20. UN treaties (water, plastics, marine)

Session: A series of invited or contributed talks on a specific topic, followed by a short discussion / Q&A with audience. Either invited (session organisers invite contributions) or open (session is filled via call for abstracts)

Workshop: Explores a topic in-depth, in interaction with the audience. Audience contributes actively in e.g discussions, breakout groups and guided activities. 

Training session: Introduces a (novel) methodology or approach, (scientific) technique or skill to an audience, often early careers. 

Panel discussion / debate: 3-4 speakers shortly present varying view points on a topic, followed by discussion and Q&A with audience.

Deadline for submission is Monday, 2 July 2023.

Contact us if you have any queries or need additional information.

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