Liability Release

I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Friends of Youth, its staff and clients from any and all liability in connection with any injury I may sustain (including any injury caused by negligence) at the volunteer opportunity for which I am scheduled. *

Confidentiality of Client Information

As a volunteer of Friends of Youth, I will abide by all applicable laws* and agency practices and procedures regarding the confidentiality of client information. It is my responsibility to be aware of such laws, practices, and procedures as may affect my ability to communicate information about agency clients. Violation of confidentiality of information laws will result in appropriate disciplinary or civil action as described in chapter 71.05 RCW. *
* Federal law 42 CFR Part 2 Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records, and Part 2a Protection of Identity-Research Subjects, RCW 70.20.020 Disclosure by Health Care Provider, RCW 70.02.030 Patient’s Revocation of Authorization for Disclosure, RCW 70.02.060 Discovery Request or Compulsory Process, RCW 70.02.070 Certification of Record and the Uniform Health Care Information Act of 1991 Article II The Disclosure of Health Care Information. RCW71.05.390 Confidential Information and Records-Disclosure, RCW 71.34.340 Information Concerning Treatment of Minors Confidential-Disclosure – WAC 275-57-360, Confidentiality of Consumer Information.

Drug Free Workplace Agreement

In the interest of health, safety and professional leadership, Friends of Youth maintains and insures a drug-free workplace, to the extent of its ability to do so.

To this end, Friends of Youth prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance on/at Friends of Youth properties or facilities or while on (or on the way to conduct) business for the agency at any other location.

Any volunteer determined to be manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, possessing, or using a controlled substance on Friends of Youth properties or while conducting business of behalf of the agency will be subject to disciplinary action as outlines in the Employee Handbook as well as being terminated immediately.
If any volunteer is convicted of a drug/alcohol related offense at the gross misdemeanor or felony level, he/she must notify his/her supervisor within one working day after the conviction. The conviction may be grounds for termination; however, the President/CEO has the discretion upon investigation of the circumstances to require that the employee enroll in and complete a course of treatment related to the offense of which the employee was convicted.

Grievances against such action(s) may be made, by the volunteer affected by this policy, in the manner set forth in the Employee Handbook.
Volunteer Acknowledgment: 
I have read the statement on maintaining a drug-free workplace and understand it. I hereby declare my willingness to abide by this policy. *

Sexual Misconduct Agreement


As a volunteer of Friends of Youth, I support the belief that every child has the right to be free from physical abuse, sexual exploitation and inhumane treatment.

I understand by caring for or having contact with difficult children that I will be exposed to similar kinds of tensions and pressures, which often cause individuals to abuse and neglect children. At any point I experience anger or frustration and a desire to lash out at child who may have triggered these feelings, I will turn to co-workers to assist me in disengaging. I will also seek assistance from my supervisor in learning alternative coping techniques.

I understand that many of the youth with whom I have contact have already experienced physical and/or sexual abuse. As a result, many youth have developed nonproductive ways of relating and behaving that might include manipulative, seductive or provocative behaviors as well as disregard for personal and emotional boundaries. Being aware of this, I will be cognizant of my responsibility as an adult to avoid any behavior that might be construed by a client as reciprocal.

I understand it is my responsibility to report promptly to my supervisor any incident of abuse or sexual exploitation between clients or staff/volunteers and clients. I will cooperate fully in the investigation of any incident.

I understand if I am accused by a client of an abusive incident, I may be asked not to work directly with that client until the investigation has been completed. In some more serious incidents, I could be placed on leave with or without pay.

Photo Release

I hereby authorize Friends of Youth or use any photographs/Media in which I appear, for the purpose of describing or promoting the activities of Friends of Youth.
I may revoke this privilege at any time by submittingsuch a request in writing; however, this revocation would not affect photographs previously used.
I understand that there will be no compensation or damages for the use of these photographs.

Volunteer Information