Student Employment Hiring Form

Thank you for visiting this form to submit your student employment hiring information.
Students, please note:
Research Assistant requests must be submitted prior to starting any work (before your start date). You must have employment eligibility and authorization before starting work. For questions, email Marci Avila at
Teaching Assistant/Grader/Preceptor/Graduate Student Lecturer requests must be submitted prior to the start of the quarter. Teaching Assistant jobs are 10 hours per week, Grader jobs are 5 hours per week, and Preceptor jobs are 7.5 hours per week. 
Economics PhD students can hold Graduate Student Lecturer, teaching or grading positions if those positions count toward their MTE requirement [Pedagogical Training Assignments (PTAs)]. Please consult with Kate Falzareno if you have any questions regarding MTEs. 

All second-year economics PhD students must receive prior approval by sending their request to to serve as a TA or Grader. If hired as a TA for a team-taught class wherein you will only TA for half the quarter, you will receive a 0.5 MTE.

For questions regarding Undergraduate Program Courses, email Julie Wong at; for Graduate Program courses, email Kathryn Falzareno at