Candidate Nomination Form for  TREE Fund Board of Trustees
Please carefully review the following responsibilities of a board member before proceeding to the online application form.

Responsibilities of Individual Trustees

(a) Each Trustee is expected to take personal responsibility for assisting in the execution of the Board’s principal fiduciary and legal responsibilities.

(b) Each Trustee is expected to actively serve on at least one standing and or ad-hoc Committee.

(c) Each Trustee is expected to be present at all Board meetings (three per year) and meetings of Committees on which he or she serves. Each Trustee can expect to spend the equivalent of one day (8 hours) a month on Board activities beyond scheduled Board meetings.

(d) Each Trustee is expected to spend the necessary time to properly discharge his or her responsibilities as a Trustee, including reviewing any written materials provided to the Board or Committee in advance of Board or Committee meetings, participate on committee conference calls, and advise the President/CEO as requested.

(e) The Board and each Board Committee shall conduct an annual self-assessment to determine whether the Board, its Committees and the individual Trustees are functioning effectively. The Governance Committee is responsible for developing Board and Committee self-assessments and implementing the process.

(f) Each Trustee will actively secure resources by either ‘giving or getting’ sponsorships, contributions, auction items, in-kind services or any combination of the above.

(g) Each Trustee is responsible for the financial success of the TREE Fund. Each Trustee shall make a personal financial gift annually to the best of their ability.

(h) Each Trustee will assist in nominating officers and finding new Board candidates who will fill the needs of the TREE Fund Board as identified by the Governance Committee. Each Trustee may be called upon to assist in new Board member orientation.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Governance Committee Chair Doug Anderson at Please complete and submit the following application form.

Thank you!

Please provide information regarding your work and volunteer service experience (such as ISA, TCIA, ASCA, and Community Nonprofits).

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