TABE Scholarship for Future Bilingual Educators


The Texas Association for Bilingual Education is a state advocacy organization for the rights of language minority children. TABE pursues the implementation of educational policies and effective bilingual-bicultural programs, which promote equal educational opportunity and academic excellence for language minority children.
In keeping with this fundamental goal, TABE is offering a $1000 scholarship to graduate students planning to pursue a teaching career in bilingual education. Two equal payments that sum the mentioned amount will be disbursed in the Fall and Spring semester. Applications are due on or before July, 12 2021. For more information, call the TABE office at 210-979-6390 or
Eligibility Criteria for Graduate Student Applicants:
This scholarship is for graduate students who are pursuing a graduate degree with specialization in bilingual education.
Applicants must:
1. Be a certified bilingual teacher in Texas, who is currently teaching in a abilingual classroom or has taught in a bilingual education classroom within the last three years.
2. Be enrolled in an accredited college or university in Texas and be admitted into a graduate program. (Award issued upon proof of enrollment and admission into graduate school.)
3. Be seeking a master's degree or doctoral degreee with specialization or concentration in bilingual education and have a GPA of at least 3.0 in graduate classes.
4. Be a current TABE member.
5. Be bilingual and biliterate in English and another language which is used in a bilingual program in Texas. 
Submission Requirements for Graduate Applicants
Applicant must:
1. Complete the online application.
2. Submit a copy of her/his SBEC certificate.
3. Submit a copy of an official college transcript showing completion of last degree (e.g., bachelor's degree if seeking master's degree).
4. Submit a copy of an official college transcript showing progress toweard master's or doctorate degree.
5. Submit resume or curriculum vitae.
6. Sumit two letters of recommendations that speak to to the applicant's  academic achievement, community service, and commitment to bilingual education (at least one letter must be from a university faculty member).
Note: Applicants will not be eligible for a scholarship if they are related to a scholarship committee member or TABE Executive Board Member. 

20. I certify that this application is complete and accurate. I also authorize the release of this information to the appropriate individuals to confirm the details needed to process the scholarship application. I further understand that the scholarship will be awarded in two equal payments one in the Fall and one in the Spring semester of the 2020-2021 academic year. *