2022 Bilingual/ESL Secondary Teacher of the Year Award - 50th anniversary!

2022 TABE Bilingual/ESL Secondary Teacher of the Year Award

At the heart of every successful bilingual and ESL programs are caring and
dedicated teachers who believe in the value of dual language instruction as a way to help language minority students excel academically. These are women and men who approach the teaching and learning process with a remarkable sense of responsibility and are guided in their actions by the deep-seated conviction that every student is important, that education matters, and that one teacher can make a difference. These are indeed extraordinary educators whose daily work in the classroom is performed con orgullo y excelencia. In recognition of outstanding teaching and exemplary professional service by bilingual and ESL teachers throughout Texas, the Texas Association for Bilingual Education has established the TABE Bilingual/ESL Secondary Teacher of the Year Award.
The winner of this year’s 2022 Bilingual Education Teacher of the Year competition will be publicly acknowledged and honored during the online fall conference.  The winning teacher of this award will receive a special plaque recognizing his/her outstanding work in teaching along with free registration to the 2022 TABE Conference. The winner will automatically become the TABE nominee for the National Association for Bilingual Education Teacher of the Year competition.
Only local affiliates of TABE are eligible to nominate Bilingual or ESL secondary Teachers for this competition. Each affiliate is limited to one nominee. Members holding the office of president of local TABE affiliates are ineligible to participate in this competition. Local affiliate groups may use any method they choose for selecting a candidate for this award as long as the process is fair and impartial and conducted without regard to age, sex, race or ethnicity, handicapping conditions, or religion. The selection must be based on evidence of outstanding bilingual or ESL instruction.
Nominees must meet these qualification requirements:
 Full-time bilingual or ESL teacher at the secondary level in a TEA-approved Bilingual or ESL program.

 Texas bilingual or ESL secondary education teacher for at least three consecutive years prior to receiving this award and be actively engaged in full-time teaching in an ESL or bilingual classroom at the time of nomination
 Certified or endorsed in bilingual or ESL

 Current member of TABE

 Current member of NABE

 Recognized by the local affiliate for outstanding teaching
 Provide documentation that indicates that the nominee enjoys the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues

 Exhibit distinguished leadership service to the profession and the community
TABE 2022 Hybrid Conference, Houston, Texas
50th anniversary!