Event Reservation
SafeRide America provides event services where an event/party host can have a team(s) of dedicated SafeRide drivers on site for all or part of the event to ensure that all event guests can get safely home with their car.

Whenever possible, payment for event services must be paid in full two weeks before the event is scheduled to happen. This allows SafeRide America the necessary time to prepare for the event. Event requests made for a date less than two week before the event must be paid in full at the time the request is made. Under certain circumstances and depending on the exact request, we may be able to provide event services with as little as a 24 hour notice.

Once the request is made and paid for, you may cancel 7 days or more before the event date and receive a 50% refund. Cancellation less than seven days but more than 72 hours before the event equals a 25% refund. Cancellation less than 72 hours before the event start time means no refund will be given. No refund will be given due to any weather condition before or during the event.

SafeRide America reserves the right to accept or decline event service requests for any reason.  Please call with questions or to get more information.  We will contact you upon your reservation submission to arrange for payment of services.

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SafeParty Rates

The rate to rent dedicated teams of SafeRide drivers is $100 per hour per team. Teams will provide an unlimited number of no fee, "tip-only" SafeRide service to event guests.

Customer Acknowledgment and Agreement

By this reservations information below you acknowledge you have read the below "SafeRide Customer Acknowledgement and Agreement" and agree to its terms. 

SafeRide Customer Acknowledgement and Agreement


(1)  The undersigned customer gives permission to SafeRide America staff/contractors/volunteers to drive and operate his/her vehicle(s).

 (2)  The undersigned customer agrees to be fully and solely responsible for securing his/her vehicle(s) upon delivery of vehicle to his/her residence, including securing the contents of said vehicle(s).

 (3)  The undersigned customer understands, acknowledges and agrees that SafeRide America and its staff/contractors/volunteers are not responsible for any damage to his/her vehicle(s) or for any lost or missing items from his/her vehicle(s). 

 (4)  The undersigned client confirms that he/she has insurance coverage compliant with the laws of the state in which service is provided on his/her vehicle(s) and agrees to hold SafeRide America and its staff/contractors/volunteers harmless for any damage that may be caused to said vehicle(s). 

As noted by submitting this reservation form, I accept the above terms.  

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