AMA Advancement/Classification Appeal Application

Welcome to the AMA Advancement/Classification Appeal Formsite. This online form will allow you to submit your AMA Appeal application electronically for processing.

This form is for appealing rider classifications for all racing disciplines within the OFF-ROAD Division of the AMA.


Please keep in mind that this AMA Appeal process does take a few weeks for the AMA Advancement Committee to render an educationed decision.  Be sure to provide any information that will help the appeal committee understand why you are appealing your classification. You may attach additional information to support your appeal. The fee to processing your appeal is $50. 
If you have any questions or comments about this process, please contact AMA Racing, (614)856-1900

FAQ: Appealing a Advancement/Classification Procedure

1.How much does it cost to Appeal my Advancement?

  • A processing fee of $50.00 is required. We accept only money orders, please do not send cash or credit card information.

2. Does it matter if I’ve been injured?

  • Yes, but only if you have been able to overcome the injury.

3. Are local events viewed the same as events outside my local area?

  • Every event is viewed individually and addressed accordingly to the rider turn out, rider performance, and quality of competition.

4. If my ORPV is above the limit, will I have any chance my appeal will be approved?

  • Yes, the higher your ORPV, the more compelling your supporting information needs to be.

5. Does it matter that I have factory support?

  • No, it will not be considered.

6. Does it matter that I just reached the age of advancement?

  • No, because you’ve met the requirements of advancement.

7. Can a youth rider be advanced to the “A” class through Youth advancement?

  • No, in order to be advanced to the “A” class the rider must meet the amateur advancement requirements.

8. If my 16th birthday is November 30st or prior to, can I be advanced to the “A” class?

  • Yes, if you meet the advancement requirements. If your birthday falls on December 1st or after you do not meet the advancement requirements.

9. Does it help to have local district or organizers input along with my appeal?

  • Yes, it will help you appeal.

10. Is the decision of the appeal committee final?

  • Yes, there are no second appeals to advancement.

11. Do I have to immediately race in the “B” class if I have been advanced through the Youth Advancement?

  • No, you can still compete in youth classes.

12. Do I need to provide anything other than the form and $50.00 processing fee?

  • No, but the more information the appeal board receives can help your appeal. Items that can be submitted include:               
      1. Results
      2. Lap Times
      3. Injury Information
      4. Supporting Reference Letters
      5. Racing History



I have read all of the above information. *