AMA Competition Commission Proposal Submission

This online AMA Commission Proposal submission will provide AMA Competition Commission members with the ability to submit rule proposals or agenda items to be discussed in the commission meetings. 
What is a rule proposal?
Rule proposals are rule changes for the AMA Rulebook.  All proposals should be written clearly and exactly what is being proposed for the rulebook.  Incomplete proposals will not be accepted.  The AMA Board of Directors will have final approval for all rule changes submitted by the commissions. 
What is an agenda item?
Agenda items may be recommendations to staff or discussion items that may lead into new guidelines or proposals.  Agenda items are limited to matters related to the racing discipline only. 
Important Information: 
• All items will added to a Commission Agenda for discussion.  All Commission members will be notified 30 days prior to a commission meeting with a meeting agenda and the meeting time, place, location, etc.  Commission meetings may be conducted in person, by phone, or by other forms of electronic conferencing. 
• All proposals must be approved by the AMA Competition Commission prior to August 15th to be published in the following year's rulebook.  This deadline allows adequate time for the AMA Board of Directors to give a final approval and the AMA Staff to notify AMA participants of rule changes. 
• Proposals and Agenda items will be subject to AMA Staff approval.
Competition Commission Meetings During AMA Congress
During AMA Congress, AMA Commission members will meet to discuss the creation and enforcement of technical and operational rules and guidelines for AMA competition events and activities.
A commission meeting agenda will be provided 30 days prior to the AMA Congress meetings. This agenda will include rule-proposal items for review and agenda items for discussion. Only proposals drafted in their entirety and submitted by the October 31st deadline will be addressed as normal business within each commission meeting.
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