Foster Care Application


Are you head of household?
Please indicate your age range.


 3.  Please list all pets that you now have or had in the past 5 years:  If none, please skip to
      Question No. 5.
 Name of Animal(s)
Which of these animals live with you now?

 4.  Please list a current vet that your pets have received treatment from:

 5.  Please provide 2 references.  One may be a family member. 

6.  Do you own your home?

8.  Are you allowed to house pets?
9.  Do you have a Fenced Yard?      
10.  Would you be willing to care for a special needs animal or one that is ill and needs
  11.  What kind of animal would you like to care for?

  12.  What size dog can you foster?  
  13.  Where will the fostered animal(s) be kept when you are not home?
  14.  Are you able to foster this animal until he/she is adopted?

We will review your application, and you will be contacted by phone or email. 

I certify that I have answered all questions truthfully, and I hereby give permission to Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock to verify the above information and to contact my veterinarian about past and present pets, if any.
Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock shall not be responsible for any damages, costs, or expense resulting from fostering an animal, including but not limited to damages, injury or illness to persons, other animals, or personal property. Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock shall be held harmless from any and all liability of any and every nature and cause, directly or indirectly relating to the fostering of any animal through this organization.

I understand that if I make a commitment to foster an animal, I will make every effort to keep the animal until a permanent home can be found.  If circumstances arise which prevent me from continuing my role as a foster, I will notify Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock immediately and I understand that I must wait until another foster home can be found.
For liability purposes, I may NOT loan or give the animal I am fostering for Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock to any party under any circumstances.  I will not foster animals for any other organization, including shelters or other rescue groups, while fostering for Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock.  Failure to comply may result in fees to include the proposed adoption fee for said animal and/or any veterinary costs that may incur as a result of injury or sickness to the animal fostered by me for Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock.
All Veterinary Expenses for the animal you are fostering are covered by Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock.  Any visits to the vet without prior approval from Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock will NOT be reimbursed.  Please contact us immediately if your foster animal is showing signs of illness or distress.
This application shall remain the property of Paws on the Green/Senior Pets RockI authorize Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock to conduct a home visit of the premises where the animal(s) will be fostered.
I will allow the animal(s) that I am fostering to be made available to adopters and to Paws on the Green/Senior Pets Rock, as necessary.
I acknowledge and agree to the terms set forth in this Foster Care Application. 

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