Poodle Rescue of Vermont Volunteer Application

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Additional Information

What type(s) of volunteering are you interested in doing? *
When are you normally able to volunteer? *
Have you ever owned a dog before? If yes, please indicate what happened in the box to the right of the answers. *
Do you currently own any other dogs? *
Have you ever been charged/convicted of a crime related to animal abuse/abandonment? *


Volunteer Agreement

I agree to provide services and perform duties related to the rescuing of poodles for Poodle Rescue of Vermont, Inc. 

These duties may include, but are not limited to, transporting poodles, fostering poodles, working concessions, fundraising and any other duties deemed volunteer duties of the Poodle Rescue of Vermont (PRVT) organization.

I understand that any poodle coming into my/our possession for transporting or fostering for PRVT is the property of PRVT and I will abide by the policies and procedures set forth by PRVT.

I hereby accept all terms of this agreement and hereby release Poodle Rescue of Vermont, Inc., its Board of Directors, Officers, Members Volunteers and agents from all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, or liability of any kind whatsoever arising as a result of performing services and duties for Poodle Rescue of Vermont, Inc.

I agree to indemnify PRVT, Inc. from any costs and legal fees incurred by PRVT in connection with any claims, demands or actions regarding services and duties performed for Poodle Rescue of Vermont, Inc.

I have accurately and truthfully completed this Volunteer Application and Agreement. *

Submitting a Volunteer Application signifies you have read and accept the conditions as stated above.

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