J1 Host Company Application - AnB Education

Upon Submission of this form, AnB Education will review your company for initial eligibility to host a J-1 Exchange Visitor.  Final evaluation of the Program will take place once both the Host Company and Participant applications are completed in full and submitted. *Please note, that all New Host Companies are subject to additional vetting, including a mandatory phone call with a AnB representative, and under certain circumstances, a site visit.

Company Contact

General Job Description

Type of Program *
Housing Provided *
Minimum of 32 working hours *
General Job Requirements *

Training Location

Workers Compensation Policy

Do you have a valid workers' compensation policy at this site *
Note:  The below details will be required as part of your application.  If you do not have them handy, we will follow up with you during the application process.

Attorney Information( If available)

Participant Information( If available)

Would you like to submit application to host more than one participant at this time?

Fees ( If available )

 Host CompanyParticipantOther
New Host Company Fee - $300
Administrative Fee
Health Insurance Fee
Pre-Post Program Health Insurance Fees
J-2 Dependent
Expedited Processing Fee
Please provide additional information, if you choose" Other". This is for invoicing purpose. Bill to

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