LouFest is ready to celebrate its eigth year in St. Louis! Our food court will feature a wide selection of delectable menu items with an emphasis on the best from local favorites. If you're interested in joining LouFest's Nosh Pit at this year's festival, fill out the application below and click the "Submit" button.

The deadline to apply is Friday, May 5, 2017. 

Vendor Applicant Info: Click Here for more LouFest Nosh Pit information.  

Note:  We prioritize selecting restaurants and vendors from St. Louis or the surrounding community. Vendors who were previously selected are not guaranteed placement.  Location of booth is at the discretion of the festival producers.

Booth Details and Timeline

Festival Vending Hours:  Friday, September 8, 2017: 4PM - 10PM; Saturday, September 9, 2017 & Sunday, September 10, 2017: 11AM - 10PM
Booth Size: 10' (wide) x 20' (deep)

Booth Fee: $3,100 ($2,425 booth fee + $500 refundable security deposit + $100 health department permit application fee + $75 propane permit fee)

LouFest Provides: 10' x 20' booth under a tent (no walls); exterior tent sign; basic power; signage; fifteen (15) vendor passes/day.
See Vendor Applicant Info link above for complete details.

Company Information

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Email Address

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Menu Items

All vendors will be limited to a maximum of four items. Please provide a brief description of each item with pricing.  Prices need to be in full dollar amounts and are subject to approval. 

The main goal of our food courts is to serve our patrons quality menu items by professional, friendly staff--with wait times kept to a minimum.  Make sure your menu selections can be served in a timely manner.  Critical to efficient turnaround (and more sales!) are points of service. Booths must be able to provide at least four points of sale during peak times.  All menu items and pricing subject to approval.
We encourage you to include at least one vegetarian or vegan menu item. Please consider gluten-free options, as well. 
Note: Food Vendors are not allowed to sell beverages, including bottled water, alcohol, or soft drinks. Vendors may not sell any merchandise other than food, desserts, and snacks including but not limited to: shirts, hats, bandanas, etc.  


Our Creative team designs and produces the signage for all booths, ensuring a unified, professional and visually appealing food court. The booth name (note: no logos or other graphics), the menu item and price are featured on a colorful banner.  The simpler, the better.
List your food items and the price (whole dollars only). This is the basis of your banner. Please note whether any menu items are vegetarian (VGT), vegan (V) or gluten-free (GF).

Environmental Greening Efforts

LouFest strives to minimize the Festival's impact on the environment.  All selected vendors must join us in this goal. Here are some guidelines (more details will be provided upon acceptance):
- Styrofoam, #6 plastics, wax paper, and single-use bags are prohibited;
- All food service items (plates, cutlery, etc.) must be made of approved materials, adhering to LouFest's sustainability guidelines;
- We encourage foods that do not require utensils. If menu requires utensils, the utensils must be compostable;
- Individual condiment packages are prohibited, as are "picnic packs" (utensils, salt, pepper, and napkins in plastic packets);
- Vending operations must meet Festival's sustainability guidelines (breaking down and stacking cardboard boxes, participation in the waste diversion programs, etc.).

Questions or Comments

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