LouFest 2018 Crowd Services Staff Application

LouFest & LouFest U
September 7-9, 2018
Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri

LouFest returns for its ninth year to Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri on September 7-9, 2018. Through greeting patrons, answering questions, enhancing the Festival's environmental greening initiatives and more, Crowd Services Staff play a key role in helping the Festival succeed and making the experience more enjoyable for all.

This application is your chance to be a part of the event! We are seeking enthusiastic, hardworking individuals who will invest time to help make the Festival amazing! You will help improve the guest experience and have the opportunity to enjoy the Festival. Please fill out the application below to apply for a Crowd Services Staff position at LouFest 2018.

Applications will be reviewed and selected as they are received. Once all positions are filled, we will close the application.

If accepted, you will be sent a confirmation email with your assigned shift by mid-August. The acceptance email will include details about your assigned team and shift times. At that time, you will have the opportunity to accept or decline the position. All applications will be considered when filling positions.

Submitting this application does not guarantee entry into the Festival, as there are more applications than available positions. Questions? Contact crowdservices@loufest.com Deadline to apply: AUGUST 10, 2018


- I am at least 18 years old as of September 7, 2018.

- I understand that I am representing the festival as volunteer Staff.

-These positions are Front of House ONLY and do not grant back stage access or additional

Festival access.

- I understand that I may or may not receive monetary compensation, depending on services

provided as a Crowd Services representative.

- I understand that failure to perform my duties as expected/required may result in my

dismissal from the event and will affect future placement within future programs.

- I understand that I will earn a staff wristband for each day I work at LouFest.

- I will complete my festival assignment in a satisfactory way (reporting on time for shifts,

staying the entire shift, reporting for all shifts, wearing assigned identification during shift,

respecting other staff members, performers, and patrons of the festival).

- I understand that use of alcohol and/or controlled substances before or while on duty is

strictly prohibited. Violators will be subject to immediate dismissal from the event.

- I understand that missing an assigned shift or shifts (or not completing a shift) will jeopardize

my participation with LouFest in the future.

- Upon applying, I understand that the email address I provide may be used for future crowd

services opportunities.



- The biggest perk is free entry into the festival each day of your shift! After your volunteer shift, you are free to enjoy the event. If your shift begins mid-day, you can check-in early to receive your credential and enjoy the Festival. YOU MUST still return to the volunteer checkin tent to meet your team lead 30 minutes before your shift, or you will be counted as a no show. Some shifts are longer than others, with the maxium being five hours, so talk to your team lead about arranging a break schedule. Please note that we give priority to volunteers that are availabe both days and that we will try to assign you to different shift times for Friday, Saturday and Sunday if possible.

- You’ll also get a limited edition volunteer t-shirt to wear while you’re on shift and to keep as a nice memory of your contribution to the Festival.

- We’ll provide water (think green and bring a refillable bottle or use one bottled water and refill it from the free stations in the park).

- You’ll be part of a team that’s putting on a one of a kind event. It’s a fun way to meet people with shared interests and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you were a big part of making the festival happen.

Name and Contact Information

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