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Study Abroad Program Student Registration Lookup
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This form is for requesting access to the Study Abroad Program Student Registration Lookup Report, which is an enrollment report delivered through the Argos reporting tool.
Study Abroad Student Registration Lookup Example
This report allows faculty and staff to check enrollments for an SABD course, as well as academic courses associated with the program. For example, a program director could see all students who have registered for the SABD course and what academic courses they are enrolled in (or vice versa—see what academic courses are related to the SABD course and which students are enrolled in them).
In order to receive access to this report, you must have taken the FERPA Certification for the current academic year, have a UGA ArchPass, and an educational need to see this data.
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All requests to access data in Argos must be approved by the person's supervisor. This may be a Dean, Director, Department Head, or other Supervisor (abbreviated as DDDS).
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