Proposal/Renewal Request for an International Cooperative Agreement

University of Georgia Office of International Education
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Instructions for Submission
1. This proposal should be completed by the UGA faculty member (or designee) initiating or renewing the partnership.
2.  If you have not done so already, we recommend that you reach out directly to your home department head and dean about your proposal. Upon submission of this proposal, a copy will be e-mailed automatically to your home department head or director and home dean for review and approval.
3. The Office of International Education will assess the proposal's institutional value to UGA in keeping with the guidelines available here. All potential agreements are subject to the approval of Legal Affairs.
4. All information, including names and titles, should be complete and accurate.
5. This is a branching, adaptive form that allows multi-partner proposals.
6. Questions regarding this form may be directed to the International Partnerships Coordinator.